Box Dulcimer Plans (DIY Project Download)

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In this article, experienced cigar box mountain dulcimer (CBMD) builder Diane from Chicago shares photos and discusses some of her methods for creating these beautiful instruments. Thus I build a 4-string headstock and plan for a 4-string tailpiece, but the instrument is played the same as a 3-string. Found an image of an old dulcimer unlike any modern one i’d ever seen, i just had to go ahead and make one.I emptied my old wooden pencil box to use as the sound board, broke up an old rickety cupboard out of my shed and made a start. When one thinks of an Appalachian dulcimer, the vision is usually of a light, delicate, and graceful instrument featuring hourglass or teardrop curves and made of thin hardwoods such as walnut or cherry. Two of these boxes are decorated with yellow and red free-form designs in each of the four corners and along the sides.

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Other Plans 3-String Cigar Box Guitar These are easy-to-follow plans that started the Cigar Box Guitar Revolution. This page contains information about Teardrop Mountain Dulcimer Plan which is available from Folkcraft Instruments. Suggested wood types are given as well as alternate peg box/scroll head patterns.

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