Box Step Ups With Weight (DIY Project Download)

Dumbbell box step-ups involve stepping up and down continuously from a high box with dumbbells held at the sides. Find out more about weight training terminology and exercise description if you need background information before you try this exercise. Get detailed instructions on Dumbbell Step Ups. Learn correct technique with our Dumbbell Step Ups video, photos, tips and reviews. However, few trainers are prescribing the step-up, another functional, unilateral, multi-joint movement that has a high carryover to many activities of daily living and sport. Aerobic steps and plyometric boxes can be used, but one of the best units on the market for step-ups is the C-206 Leg Platform by Atlantis.

box step ups with weight 2The Weighted Step-up is a useful alternative exercise to the squat and is effective in building leg strength, power and cardiovascular abilities. I found stepups, at least the way I used to do them, to be painful and awkward to do. Doing stepups from a high box with the weight shifted to the heel is going to target your hamstrings and glutes more. When it comes to exercises, the stepup is as simple as it gets. You just place your foot on a box or bench, and then push your body up. That’s it.

If you want to increase the amount of load when you do step ups, use the barbell or dumbbells. If you use a barbell, load it with weight and place it on your back. Use a jump box, bench or raised platform for the step-up exercise. Ensure that the platform is solid and can hold your body weight. Step up onto the platform and push through the foot of the lead leg to propel yourself into a standing position. Your quadriceps muscle is the most active muscle in the step-up, according to a 1984 study published in Physical Therapy. The degree of activation during a step-up depends on box height, torso angle and how far you step forward in addition to stepping-up. COM Weight Loss Tools – All FREE!

Weighted Step-up Tutorial

The weight plate step-up with knee drive is an intermediate lower body exercise. This is a challenging exercise that requires balance and coordination and helps build strength and improve core stability. Before you start, find a step, chair, or bench that when you place your foot on it, your knee bends to a 90-degree angle. The weight benches or plyo boxes are often the right height, but a dining room chair can work too for an at-home strength-training session. Benefits: The crossover step-up is an excellent exercise for training the glutes in their roles of hip adduction and abduction as well as rotation. Movement: Place your weight across the heel of the elevated foot, press through it, and raise your other leg up and onto the box. Now lower the off leg to the other side of the box until it is touching the floor. Adding weight is exactly what a kettlebell box step up is. Kettlebells are a piece of exercise equipment that are very capable of being added to many different types of common exercise movements. The dumbbell step-up is a compound strength-training exercise that develops the major muscles in the lower body. In addition to a pair of dumbbells, it also requires the use of a plyo box or bench. Adjust the weight of the dumbbells you use to increase or decrease the challenge placed on your lower body muscles. Extend leading knee and hip to step up on box, bringing trailing foot down next to leading foot. Just make sure it’s stable and can safely hold your weight plus the weight of the bar.

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