Boxcutter Breaking Bad (DIY Project Download)

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Breaking Bad has developed a bit of a tradition of wild, inexplicably weird opening images for its three seasons. For anyone who prefers their meth dramas to be airy and escapist, let this be a warning: things are about to get dark. By the end of Sunday night s. ‘Breaking Bad’: 10 Most Memorable Murders. Breaking Bad’s most thrilling action sequence?

boxcutter breaking bad 2A very visually minded show, Breaking Bad has always like to used color themes for effect: the bright yellow of Walt and Jesse s jumpsuits, the dusky browns of the desert, the aqua of Walt s high-grade meth, the green of the title credits, the blue of the sky. Box Cutter. Walt and Jesse face the deadly consequences of their actions. Walt’s shook, Jesse’s a killer, and Hank’s a waste of space as AMC’s best show returns in typically grand form.

Billie Doux reviews ‘Box Cutter’, an episode of the TV series ‘Breaking Bad’. ‘Breaking Bad,’ Season 4, Episode 1, ‘Box Cutters’: TV Recap. Breaking Bad. is back. Gus picks up a box cutter and faces down Walt. Walter White is back. Everyone’s favorite high school teacher turned meth manufacturer has returned in season four of Breaking Bad.

Review Of Breaking Bad Season Four Premiere

The first thing we see is a box cutter. Gale Boetticher, the fastidious Boy Scout of meth-making, slices open one of many large deliveries to the lab. Watch Breaking Bad – Season 4, Episode 1 – Box Cutter: Walt is held at the lab by Mike while Victor attends to Jesse who is still at Gale’s apartment. After a bit of showkeeping and news, the guys break down the episode in detail. Breaking Bad News Tuesday 07/19/11 Edition.

Doux Reviews: Breaking Bad: Box Cutter