Boy Valentines Box (DIY Project Download)

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Here are a bunch of valentine boxes that boys will love! Find captain america, sharks, tanks, video games, legos, ninjas and more card holders! Fun Valentine Boxes that your boys will love. How to make a shark Valentine box out of an empty cardboard container and a football field out of a large box. Making Valentine’s Day boxes for boys isn’t the easiest task since boys aren’t usually into hearts and doilies, including my two boys. Here are some great ideas for your boys to make their own boyish Valentine boxes!.

boy valentines box 2How to make Valentines box and Valentine holder with your kids for home or school. Robot Monster Valentine Box The boys are gonna love this one! When I searched for Valentine boxes online, most of the results were a little too pink, or frilly, or covered in hearts. Not so awesome for a boy. Because Valentine’s Day is notoriously pink and more on the feminine side of things, it’s hard to come be a Valentine Box for boys. Here’s a great list of cool Valentine’s Day boxes your little boy will love.

I have two little boys, and it’s always a challenge around Valentines Day to come up with a good idea for a Valentines Day card box that isn’t too girly. To make this cute Valentine’s Day Box you will need the following supplies:. I just wanted to drop by and let you know that I linked your Val Monster with a collage I put together for Boy inspired Valentine’s Day boxes. This is an AWESOME Ninja Valentine box idea for boys!

20 Amazing Valentine Box Ideas

boy valentines box 3Bust out the shoe box or cereal box and create a masterpiece so your little one can collect those ever so fascinating Valentine treasures! I can’t believe this is the last year we’ll be making Valentine boxes. I’m thrilled that my boy got to know the fun of making his own box. He’d be happy to bring in a grocery bag to collect his Valentine’s Day cards. But one of these Boy Valentine Boxes just might change his mind. My boys and girls are always very complimentary of each other’s boxes probably because they know how much work goes into them! The number one question of the morning of course is always, When do we vote?. A collection of 10+ super creative and fun ideas for valentine boxes! Perfect for classroom, parties, home, and more!. This could easily be fashioned for boy or girl. This weekend, I turned a cardboard box into a fun Valentine’s box with duct tape. It was a fun way to make something for Valentine’s Day that my boy-heavy family would approve of!.

The Pretty Poppy: A Valentine Box For A Little Boy- Lego Style

Cute Cereal Box Made Into Valentine’s Box For Kids. Valentines day box teachersnotebook.