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Box Cutter is the fourth season premiere episode of the American television drama series Breaking Bad, and the 34th overall episode of the series. What songs are played during the diner scene at the end of the episode? Victor returns with Jesse and for a moment Walt thinks Jesse failed and it’s possibly the end for them both. The T-shirts displaying Kenny Rodgers could also be a reference to his most well-known song, ‘The Gambler’, which would be associated with Walt’s gambling story. Songs from Seasons 1 and 2 are collected on the Breaking Bad Soundtrack, available for purchase through iTunes and Amazon. Episode 1: Box Cutter 1. Episode 12: End Times 1.

breaking bad box cutter end song 2 13 Gilligan stated that he named the episode Box Cutter mainly because it just sounded like a cool title, but also because he was concerned that the climax of the episode took so long to build to that, by calling it Box Cutter, Perhaps I was thinking on some level, ‘We’d better let the audience know that there’s something at the end of this. During the final scene of Box Cutter, when Walter walks back to his condominium, the Alex Ebert song Truth plays in the background. This page lists music and songs heard on tv in the tv show Breaking Bad, in the episode Box Cutter, first aired July 17 2011. The songs listed on this page have been contributed by users of this website. Season premiere review: ‘Breaking Bad’ – ‘Box Cutter’: The waiting is the hardest part. Walt’s long, awkward walk back to his car at the end of the episode.

Ending Song The Breaking Bad theme composed by Dave Porter. With the Breaking Bad final season kicking off, we went back and compiled the 10 best music moments of the show. Heard In: Season 4, Ep. 1, Box cutter. Apollo Sunshine We Are Born When We Die Walt spinning 38 next to pool End Times.

Box Cutter (breaking Bad)

breaking bad box cutter end song 3You know what was so brilliant about Breaking Bad aside from the plot, the impeccable acting of Pinkman and the brain, the attention to detail, and everything? The music! The wolf of Albuquerque we love wouldn t have been the same if it weren t for Thomas Golubi (music supervisor) and Vince Gilligan s genius selection of tracks. Season 4, Episode 1, Box Cutter. One of the best things about Breaking Bad (besides everything) is the music. Every track fit the selected scene perfectly, and did nothing but. Dave Porter – Breaking Bad ‘Sunset’ End Credits. Episode 1 (Box Cutter). Breaking Bad’s spectacular third season ended with Walt in the clutches of drug kingpin Gus’s lackeys and Jesse pointing a gun at the face of that Birkenstock-wearing, tea-swilling chemistry nerd. Soundtrack breaking bad season 4 finale ending song episode 13. Breaking bad box cutter tv episode 2011 imdb. Breaking bad recap end times collider. ‘Breaking Bad’ season 4 premiere recap, ‘Box Cutter’: He is the danger. Saul is at his wit’s end, crawling around the floor of his office checking for surveillance bugs. One of his knock-off Greco-Roman columns almost tips over. Skyler calls Saul to track down her MIA husband. And yet, Walt still seemed to get into trouble by the season’s end. Box Cutter is everything a Breaking Bad episode should be. Watch Sturgill Simpson and Stephen Colbert Jam Out a New Song About Waffle House 4/19/2016 1:10:30 PM.

Box Cutter

If you haven’t caught on yet, I really, really love Breaking Bad. It brings me back to a much simpler time in the show — specifically, the end of the first episode. This song accompanies the fantastic montage from this episode — which is the scene that defines the happier times that all Breaking Bad fans feel desperately nostalgic for. Truth (401 – Box Cutter). It was an exciting ending to an otherwise mediocre season and there were a lot of questions left unanswered. The 17 Most Iconic Scenes in ‘Breaking Bad’ (VIDEO). Walt goes full Heisenberg. Gus takes out the box cutter. That phone call with Skyler. I think there’s a good chance that all your assumptions (Tim) are correct or at least on the right track.

Preview and download your favorite episodes of Breaking Bad: The Complete Collection, or the entire season. Walt tries to put his and Jesse’s lives back on track as he prepares for surgery and looks to keep the source of his money a secret from Skyler and Walt Jr. Spoiled Bastard: ‘Breaking Bad’ Season 4 Premiere: ‘Box Cutter’. Chips and turn him into Scarface is on the fast track, and the Walter White we knew in Season 1 is not even remotely the man we find in Season 4.