Bruce Hardwood Floor Refinishing (DIY Project Download)

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My mother grew up mopping floors with pine disinfectants. I installed Bruce prefinished flooring in her home a couple of years ago. Needless to say I told her not to use water to clean her floors, but she did not listen. When a thorough cleaning no longer restores the shine, it may be time to think about refinishing your hardwood floor. Other signs that you may need to refinish include: deep scratches that cut through to the floor s protective coating, stubborn stains, warping or areas where the protective coating is worn away, exposing wood fibers. The Bruce prefinished flooring is solid oak with a factory finish on it. I don’t think he would be asking if he can refinish a Pergo type floor.

bruce hardwood floor refinishing 2Refinishing pre-finished hardwood flooring. Has anyone ever re-finished prefinished hardwood flooring? I am wondering what it looks like after it’s done. Because the flooring we have is Bruce oak with a beveled edge, and I was reading that the prefinishing they put on at the factory is very thick and hard to remove and that will certainly take the bevel away. Will the existing prefinished bruce hardwood be able to be sanded down and re-finished and will the old hardwood once sanded down match the new planks so that it’s not noticeable that remediation was done? Will the old hardwood hold the stain in the same tone as new hardwood would? I’d like to hear opinions on the matter. A 3/4 thick floor can be refinished multiple times. First time poster on the site. Have a bit of a dilemma. I had a fish tank leak and the water sitting on the floor has caused de-lamination.

I am speaking of more familiar brands in the likes of Bruce, Mannington and Hartco or the millions of budget floors that have been installed in that time period. Another key in determining whether or not your engineered floor can be refinished is the condition of the subfloor. In our new house we are putting Bruce prefinished hardwood throughout, my girlfriend came with me today to see the progress on the house and was. Hi, The 8 year old Bruce (Hardwood) Floors in our home need a little TLC. I can’t get them clean – always hazy and sticky.. buildup of gunk on the.

Refinishing Pre-finished Hardwood Flooring

bruce hardwood floor refinishing 3Sanding and refinishing a hardwood floor is not generally something that homeowners do very often. Im getting Bruce flooring installed; Im glad it was listed as a mid-range wear layer. Hardwood Floor Refinishing – What to Expect. There are several methods of improving the appearance of older hardwood floors with complete refinishing being the number one choice. Let’s say for instance you just purchased a Bruce Lock and Fold floor from Lowes. The amount that can be sanded or refinished off the top is minimal. See more about Floor Refinishing, Red Oak and Light Hardwood Floors. Hardwood-refinishing. I would suggest contacting the Bruce Hardwood Flooring company customer service group to see what they have to say about re-finish of their materials. Looking for Hardwood Floor Refinishing Bruce, MS pros? Get free estimate by calling us today! If you have one small room to refinish, I can do it! Bruce returned my call promptly and was able to get to my hardwood floor repair in a reasonable time.

Refinishing Engineered Hardwood Floors

Hardwood floor & stair contractor: sanding, coating & restoration. You have found the right contractor to refinish your hardwood floors. Carroll County Maryland Hardwood Floor Sales, Installation, Sanding, Staining & Finishing. Mullican Flooring, Bruce Hardwood Floors, Chelsea Plank Flooring, Aacer, Tergren, Plank Floor. Experts in hardwood restoration and refinishing, hardwood was the first product offered and continues to be the mainstay of the company. Hardwood Flooring – New, Replacement, Refinishing.

Best I can tell, aside from refinishing the flooring, we’re pretty much stuck with yucky looking hardwood flooring near the back door entrance in this house. Bruce hardwood has been in business for over one hundred years and takes pride in the flooring they provide their clients. Find Wood Floor Refinishing Contractors in Boca Raton, FL to help you Refinish Wood Flooring. Where do you need Wood Flooring Refinish Pros? Bruce Hardwood glued down. Because sanding and finishing is skipped, a prefinished floor can be installed in half the time, saving you money on labor. We just had our Bruce prefinished hardwoods refinished by a professional.