Build Cigar Box Fiddle (DIY Project Download)

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Anyone who loves music and is handy with tools can make a cigar box violin that is capable of producing really good tones. The violin may be designed for either two strings or four, depending on the maker’s ability as a craftsman and aspirations as a player. Making a functional fiddle from one of these newer boxes requires a lot of added bracing to keep them from caving in. Cigar Box Fiddle Authentic 1860s Style Special Edition. It’s a pretty straightforward build — dowel reinforcement through the body, added neck reinforcement and screw/glue neck attachment, and then of course the addition of a pickup to make it tres cool in the situation you’d want to use this for — live!. It’s really hard to find a cigar box with a length that fits a fiddle neck.

build cigar box fiddle 2So I decided back February to make myself a fiddle. Cigarbox nation ( is dedicated to making all sorts of cigar box guitars, fiddles, mandolins, etc. Among other whimsical items, Xylocopa Design fabricates unique musical instruments, such as this 5 stringed boxy fiddle. These creations were born from Michele s practice in musical instrument repair and grew into the design of completely new instruments that she demonstrated for delighted visitors at Maker Faire Bay Area 2011. The cigar box guitar is a primitive chordophone that uses an empty cigar box as a resonator. In the etching, the fiddle clearly shows the brand Figaro on the cigar box.

So we have a cigar box, and can get more if it gets messed up. I’m not going to do much if any of the work other then what a wife is supposed to do: tell the man how to do the job. For even more historical info, check out these archived plans from 1928 on how to build your own cigar box violin. The first time I saw a cigar box guitar, I knew I had to build one.

My Box Fiddle

build cigar box fiddle 3How to Build a Fiddle Out of a Cigar Box. Fiddle is a colloquial term for a violin. The two instruments are usually identical. While fiddles are often used to play folk music, they too can be used to play classical pieces. You can easily make a diddley bow using a cardboard cigar box, a guitar tuner, and a few other things. Cigar Box Guitar and Cigar Box Fiddle), please visit Building a box violin is often the first step parents take towards working with their children to learn the violin. (fancy, using a cigar box for parents with real woodworking skills). Big Bill Broonzy’s Cigar Box Violin. This is a website about Homemade guitars, Cigar box & 3 string guitars, Cookie tin banjos, and all things made by people like yourself who have decided building and playing homemade instruments is so much more rewarding than buying name brand guitars. He’s been making them since 2000, and he says each one is built to full-size standard and scale. They sound just like a regular violin, Miller says. Cigar-box fiddles have been around for more than a century, but Miller’s instruments have taken the quality to a new level. We build custom early 20th Century style cigar box fiddles. We have the experience to create a nice playing and good-sounding instrument from just about any type of box (except cardboard).

Cigar Box Fiddle: We Have A Box, How Do We Turn It Into A Fiddle? In Manufacture, Repair And Setup

Using a cigar box to create a guitar, fiddle or a banjo was an obvious choice for a few crafty souls, and pretty soon cigar box violins were popping up everywhere. The American Cigar Box Guitar & History of the Delta Blues. In the book, a young Cajun boy named Felix comes of age when he falls in love with music and decides to build a cigar box fiddle in order to play the sounds.