Build Drawer Organizer (DIY Project Download)

Store-bought kitchen drawer organizers separate silverware — most of the time. But the organizer you design and build works all of the time because you customize it for the size and number of knives, forks, spoons, and accessories you use. Ralph Bagnall, also-known-as the Consulting Woodworker, has a great plan for a kitchen drawer organizer on his site that’s available for download. Have a look at the excerpt below and be sure to download the plan from the link at the top of this page. I have always disliked (more accurately hated, but I taught my kids that hate is a strong word and it should not be used easily) the drawer divider for my cutlery.

build drawer organizer 2Give your kitchen high-end upgrade by creating your own utensil drawer organizer. It only takes a few minutes and a few supplies to convert a deep drawer! 30 Four Days & Four Drawers Mini Organizing Challenge: DIY Kitchen Utensil Drawer Dividers. I had started trying to organize the next drawer down with some organizers I picked up at the Container Store awhile back, but I wasn’t 100 happy with the result. I have two drawers in my kitchen that drive me crazy; the two that hold all the larger utensils and cooking gadgets. I have yet to find an organizer large enough to keep spatulas, spoons, and can openers in line.

DIY Drawer Dividers for uner 10. Simply apply glue to the bottom of your divider and slide it into place. Do the same to all your other boards (dividers). In case you missed PART 1 on how to decrapify the drawer! As I mentioned in my bedroom drawer divider post, spring means an attack on chaos at Hawk Hill and the kitchen did not escape my organizational wrath this year.


build drawer organizer 3Time for a more organized kitchen! This easy to make custom DIY silverware drawer organizer makes better use of space than a store-bought version!. Learn how to make your own underwear drawer organizer for FREE with materials you have around the house! Step-by-step instructions with pictures. This year, after years of using a very inefficient organizer for my silverware, I decided to put making a custom drawer organizer at the top of my spring-cleaning checklist. I think there’s something about Spring Fever that gets in all of us, to some degree, and eats away at us until we clean and organize something. Using only a few sheets of scrapbook paper, Mod Podge, and decorative trim, turn ordinary paper into a super cute, inexpensive DIY drawer organizers! In the spirit of increasing workflow I had noticed a friend of mine had a messy tape drawer. About an hours worth of work and some scrap wood should help take care of that.

Restoration Beauty: Diy Wooden Drawer Organizing Dividers

Add a pop of color and organization to those messy drawers with this DIY Drawer Organizer! This post is sponsored by Scotch Brand. When it comes to organizing your kitchen utensils, you’ll find that drawer organizers are readily available. But all too often, they don’t fit your drawer or serve your needs.