Build Tripod Deer Stand (DIY Project Download)

Homemade Tripod Deer Stand. The tripod deer stand is a long-lasting and affordable hunting platform. Unlike platform tree stands, which are made of wood, the tripod stand does not degrade over the years because of rot. Hunting Tip – Turn Your Leaner Stand Into a Tripod! One note – PLEASE make sure your welding and engineering / fabrication skills are trustworthy – DO NOT build something that will fall and get you injured or killed! Yes, deer season is fast approaching us! I’ve acquired a couple of additional properties to slay my favorite game this upcoming time of year.

build tripod deer stand 2Anyone have any plans or ideas for building a tripod stand. Tripod Deer The lightest most portable hunting tripod ever! Custom built locking seat swivel. No ball bearings to rust or squeak. When you purchase Tripod Deer Stands at The Sportsman’s Guide, you’ll never have to sacrifice quality for price! We carry only top-of-the-line Tower Deer Stands and Tripod Hunting Stands at the lowest guaranteed prices.

Find great deals on eBay for Tripod Tree Stand in Tree Stands for Hunting. Shop with confidence. How to Build a Tree Stand. Tree stands are also known as deer stands because they are structures originally built to hunt deer. Homemade Deer Stands the deer run the field edge to get into the swamp. Revolutionary! Rugged tubular steel construction. Stands 6’6h., weighs approx. Congratulations, you bagged a beaut’! Make deer hanging easy on your back.

Tripod Deer Stands

This is one of two tripod like deer stands on the farm. I have never used it but my neighbor does. We built it around 2 years ago. REVIEW – TRIPOD DEER STAND (Part 1) Durasi: 11:07 – Views: 12,722The GOAL is to have an ATV portable deer stand that can be set up anywhere quickly and easily for exploring or testing new deer. Many of us have changed our philosophies on deer stands over time. You can build tripod stands or put them on old telephone poles, but with the cost of treated lumber and plywood, why bother? Besides what if you have to move it?. I prefer building my own stands and have been wanting to make somthing simialar, but it will have to wait until next year because I got a duck blind I’m working on that may not even be finished in time. Time: 8.06.2012 author: reduto How make a stand tripod deer Tripod Deer Stand – YouTube Do it Yourself Deer Tripod Stands. A deer stand can elevate you off the ground and improve your line of sight when hunting. If you leave your stand in a tree you only have to worry about the first year or so. I just want to build a fixed tripod or 4 legged box stand out of steel, not aluminum. Wow! a living room sized deer stand with a salt lick underneath. it’s too bad you just can’t shoot from the bedroom window?! haha seriously now, not being a hunter i thought a stand was something that was situated in a tree and a blind was a camouflaged structure on the ground?. I like making them big enough so after I get mine, I can sit in the stand with her. I got about 10 different stands ranging from ladder stands hang on stands tripods and box stands.

Tripod Tree Stand