Build Your Own Truck Bed Slide Out (DIY Project Download)

This is my truck bed drawers i made. this was not my idea, many people have made these but there is no instructable. If you love travelling and camping, this do-it-yourself truck bed is a must have! The frame of the drawer system with ball bearings for the drawer slides installed. It’s no fun crawling in the back of your pickup or reaching over the side to get a 5-gallon bucket of paint, a tool box, equipments/tools, groceries, or? Especially if you have a camper shell or tonneau cover. They’re also called cargo slides, truck bed slide out trays, truck bed storage drawers, and extender trays. That’s right! Even if you have absolutely abused this unit, all moving parts are covered with FREE replacement as long as you own it.

build your own truck bed slide out 2I decided to build a truck bed slide so I can utilize the whole bed. I started out making the the drawer slide and used 1 bearing rollers I got from harbor freight. This guy crapped on his own plate then was upset that dinner smelled like shit. Anyone make there own bed slide? I can pull it out to 8 feet and load it up heavy. Trick out your truck with these step-by-step instructions. Build the shell and drawers for the storage unit, as well as wing boxes for additional storage. Assemble some small drawers to handle small items, then paint the entire system.

BEDSLIDE is simply the easiest way to load and unload your truck. Made this bed slider to carry my planes. Home made truck bed slider. I’m looking at building this slider for my Toyota and have a couple of questions. Page 1: Learn how to install a bed with drawer system in your truck! Next articleHow to Make Your Own Tree Stump Planter.

Home Built Truck Bed Slide

Eagle Cap Truck Bed Campers – Premium Pickup Campers that are rugged and beautiful. Bolt it all onto your truck bed, and depending on your design choices, you could conceivably have an actual working RV for less than 200. For myself, the pop-up slide-in camper I’m aiming to build for my 2003 short-bed Tacoma Prerunner, is going to be doing a lot of off-roading to fossil digs and rockhounding sites. Find out how I built my own truck camper for my Tacoma Prerunner in just 2 days for under 250. Find out how I built my own truck camper for my Tacoma Prerunner in just 2 days for under 250. I am going to build my own slide out platform so I wont have to go on my hands and knees pulling things out of my vehicle all the time. Thanks Truck bed extender demo: see our extending pickup beds in action – Cargo Bed International. Use structural steel C-channel for track, and attach that to bent aluminum or steel for more support and to transition to your sliding platform. Your use of any material contained on this website is entirely at your own risk. How did you mount the rollers on top and what keeps it from rolling all the way out of your truck? Jon i built storage/shelves in the back of the truck. Harry, I think I saw a post of yours with a pic of your bedslide a while ago. Neal Bahrman built his own storage drawers and topped them with a diamond plate aluminum platform. I didn’t need much: just a truck-bed tool-storage unit that would keep the weather out and my valuables locked up but readily available, their presence hidden from passersby all with a minimum of disruption to my truck bed’s hauling capacity. How to Make Your Router Into a Surface Planer.


Make sure you consider all the possibilities when you order your cap or tonneau, so the accessories and options you want can be factory-installed as your new LEER is being built. It’s like an overhead sliding drawer where you can organize your gear, keeping it hidden and securely locked up. Bedslide. LEER truck cap and tonneau customers can get the most out of their trucks by adding a BEDSLIDE when life requires you to go the extra mile. The Keyless Remote for Leer tonneaus uses two actuators and its own key fob to UNLOCK and UNLATCH your tonneau. Constructing your truck bed slide out is a time-consuming process that also can provide many rewards. However, building your slide out will be no walk in the park, so buckle down and commit yourself to the project before you start. How to Build Your Own Truck Bed Toolbox. Our slide-out pick-up campers & motorcoaches create incredible open & spacious living quarters. The Host Double and Triple slide-out Truck Campers are built with truly one of a kind craftsmanship, you simply must see and experience one to believe it yourself! With an Ultralite, complete aluminum structure and lush interiors, each Host Camper is a unique masterpiece. Build Your Own Camper. Don’t miss this if you want to get more out of your truck camping Get it here. Here we’re going to be discussing building out the pickup and canopy combo, since that’s what I’ve got. Ask questions, get answers, share photos, along with your own tips and tricks. Bed height elevated platform with a large drawer that can also double as a pull out table.

This custom built truck bed storage system provides plenty of space for tools and materials, but also allows you to retain the use of your truck bed floor. Custom-built shelving with sliding drawers serves as the base, with a sturdy top to cover the entire shelving area (so you retain the use of your truck bed).