Building Drawers Under Stairs (DIY Project Download)

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Remember these stairs? We slinked to them earlier this year after AT:LA blogged them. It turns out that they were made by an Australian company, Unicraft Joinery. I saw something like this in a tailoring workshop, where because of the tight space the owner mounted drawers under the access stairs where they kept both fabrics and threads. A BRILLIANT STORAGE IDEA: Staircase Drawers. But now you can flaunt your junk drawer with Unicraft Joinery’s simple yet brilliant under-the-staircase drawer solution.

building drawers under stairs 2A single large drawer or several smaller ones stacked on top of each other can provide lots of storage in the low space at the foot of the stairs. – Drawers Under Stairs design ideas and photos. This Diy Fix It reader project shows you how to make use of the space under the stairs by creating built in drawers in the bottom two steps. A simple but effective storage solution designed to maximize use of space.

Once upon a time there was this space under the stairs, and most often then not, it’s Always stuffed with things! Especially when we had sudden guests and needed to quickly clean up the clutter of toys and what not! Still if your eye happens to go near the stairs it’s obvious what has been done:-P. Still if your eye happens to go near the stairs it’s obvious what has been done:-P.The space is not big. Tags: under stairs storage diy woodworking pull out. One of the oldest space-saving storage tricks in the interior design handbook involves making use of that leftover area underneath the stairs, the awkward extra. Looks like a great replacement to under-stair space you have to access from the back and stoop to get into.

How To Build New Storage Under Your Stairs

under stair drawer system 3Take advantage of the empty space under the stairs by building this under stair. No matter what your available space, you can mix and match these boxes, drawers, doors, and shelves to fit under a stairwell or into a kneewall or dormer. I mentioned both the steps and underneath because I thought the focused on both areas which may result in similar answers. Again, something that can be done when building a staircase, but not practical as a retrofit. I have a closet understairs but I have to stoop to get to the back of it. And finally, purchase or build your drawers as well as doors to conceal the drawers. Another idea is putting or making drawers under the stairs. Not so unique but efficient. It took a lot of digging but I finally found some good DIY instructions for those of you who want to tackle the staircase drawers project yourself. Imagine all the things you could store in your stairs and make your home that much more clutter free. DIY Network host Karl Champley shows you how to put the wasted space under a staircase to use on

Under Stairs Pull Out Storage

Create additional usable space in a small kitchen by building built-in counters and drawers under the staircase that can house an entire kitchen. It’s definitely possible to turn the unused, wasted space under the stairs and into storage space. The basic steps include determining the dimensions, building the drawers, mounting the drawer slides and installing the drawer. I’m making some storage drawers and cupboard which will match a tv / entertainment unit that I fitted today. I also made a template of the area under the stairs which I will use to lay out the drawers. To achieve this we can build a cabinet under the stairs, making a shelf or a drawer to fit the space under stairs. We will have the advantage of using rationally that space and at the same time to make that area aesthetically pleasing.

Very cool under-stair storage where each step is a drawer. Kennards Hire Blog site for Professional Tradesmen and DIY Home Owners. Cover the sides of the area under the stairs with medium-density fibreboard, which will support the drawer runners. The space under a staircase is used as an unconventional chest of drawers in this Rhode Island house. Sisti worked to minimize the energy needed to heat or cool the building. Gain extra storage space in the kitchen by installing toe-kick drawers under your base cabinets. Just assemble the drawer units in your shop, then slip them under the cabinets and screw them in place. Drawers: Drawer storage allows full view and access to your belongings in one smooth motion. In an entryway, build in under-stairs alcoves equipped with pegs or hangers for jackets, hats, and backpacks; include a bench for sitting and tying shoes.