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Stairs using Trofast unit and an old cot side – kura bunkbed ikea hack. It wasnt that big (smaller than a normal cot)..i reckon a high sleeper with a cot underneath is your best bet, or, as others have said cot in your room then into bottom bunk with bed guard. I can fit the bunk, the toddler bed and the cot bed in all immediately beside one another but as my 2 yr old is toilet training at night she wouldnt be able to get in and out very easily. KS151974 Last edited 22/04/2010 I was thinking same as pp, get a high sleeper then put the cot bed underneath.

bunk bed cot underneath 2The travel cot in your room sounds like a better option for now. Maybe in a year’s time you could get bunk beds with deep sides and make sure your DD doesn’t sleep at the ladder end. I was thinking of getting a loft bed for my oldest and maybe putting a crib underneath, but was unsure..(Note: Include a pic of your problem and your question gets posted first. I was going to suggest Bunkers also – just buy the top bunk bed & but the cot underneath, instead of the bottom bunk/chest of draws/table etc.

Girls pink and white bunk beds with storage underneath. What worked best for us was to put a toddler bed under the loft bed. What I REALLY want is this:. If there are cords near to the cot, bed, bunk or cabin bed, like blind cords, make sure they are tied up high so that your baby or child can’t reach them. CAPT recommends that children under the age of six should not sleep or play in an upper bunk or cabin bed as they are at risk of a serious fall.

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However, I have a horrid feeling the cot bed isn’t going to fit in our room, which means that we may need to put all 3 boys in together. Our baby bunk cots are an ideal space saving solution for your young ones. Also known as twin cot beds, visit TheBunkCot.com for the best quality and value. Bunk bed cot – A bunk bed cot, moreover, provides for two people and can help you stay warmer during the night. Under whole various high quality childrens bed under the bunk bed can be underneath is a bunk beds in stock get the ultimate room with a great option for cot system has bunk bed. Portable bunk bed that can be used as two cots or a bench. Holds 400lbs per bed. The cheap stuff is either not big enough or it breaks or bends under weight. Plenty of storage room under the cot and off the ground camping, awesome! Disc-O-Bed Cam-O-Bunk Large Bunk Bed Cot with Organizers. 299.99.

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Summary: The Disc-O-Bed Cam-O-Bunk XL cot is a solid piece of equipment offering the ability to bunk the cots or keep them as separate beds. With a rounded bottom, the cot does not dig in to the bottom of your tent causing damage and allows for extra storage space underneath the bottom cot. The ‘Wood’ loft bed by Danish company Oliver Furniture is with its unique design one of a kind. A space-saving ladder is placed at the end of the loft bed and small benches with shelves are build in underneath the loft bed. All beds from the Wood Collection can be converted into any other Wood bed except the Wood cot by purchasing a conversion kit with extra parts.