Bunk Bed Cots (DIY Project Download)

The online store for Disc-O-Bed Bunkable Cots, Camping Cots, Relief-Bunks, Disc-O-Bed Parts, and all Disc-O-bed accessories. Cam-O-Bunk Large, Cam-O-Cot, Bunk Bed by. Disc-O-BedTM’s patented ready-to-go Disc-Bed system delivers a good night’s sleep for the extremes of real life. Designed for the demands of disaster relief, troop deployment, outdoor enthusiasts and in-home users alike, the Disc-Bed ensures you rest comfortably wherever space is at a premium. Here’s a great way to increase space in the tent or cabin without sacrificing the number of people it can sleep. The cots can be used as two single beds or configured as a bunk bed using the included steel stack adapters.

bunk bed cots  2Shop the Shop department for Disc-O-Bed Cam-O-Bunk today from Bass Pro Shops, your 1 source for quality. Designed for use as a 2-person bunk or 2 single cots, this system gives outdoor enthusiasts a modular, portable, compact, and ultra strong sleeping solution. Disc-O-Bed Cam-O-Bunk Cot with 2 Organizers and 2 Cabinets Large. The Largest Selection of Heavy Duty Steel Folding Cots and Beds and bunk beds, including special needs cots.

Cots Airbeds, Cots & Bedding Camping & Outdoors. Disc-O-Bed Cam-O-Bunk Large Bunk Bed Cot with Organizers. 299.99.: (0). The Disc-O-Bed Cam O Bunk Large Green Bunkable Beds 2-Pack fits 2 people, compatible to a broad range of tents and dome structures. This cot system is bunk able to maximize camping floor space. NEW! The Shanticot Convertible Twin Bunk Cot Bed is an exceptional double cot bed that is perfect for twin babies and children. A safe and secure double bunk cot bed solution for both parents of twins and childcare professionals that will last from birth for up to 6 years!.

Disc-o-bed Cam-o-bunk

bunk bed cots for camping 3Shop for DiscOBed Disc-O-Bed Cam-O-Bunk Large Bunk Bed Cot With Organizers. On sale for 299.99. Find it at BHG.com Shop. Disc-O-Bed Cam-O-Bunk is a portable bunk-able cot that can hold 2 persons. It is a great choice for camping, because it is very durable and compact. Bed time is fun with a Spinifex Double Bunk Bed. Made from sturdy tubular steel with a powder-coated finish and a weight rating of 100 kg for the bottom and 80kg for the top, these bunks are reassuringly stable when assembled. WIth the 2 person bunk bed camping cot you will no longer have to lay side by side with your friends and look totally gay, you can just sleep on top of each other, you know like in the Army. Disc O Bed Kid O Bunk Cot – Engineered like the full size Disc-O-Beds but in a kid friendly size. The kid bunk will help those little campers get a great nights rest. Since 1988 Disc-O-Bed has been committed to challenging conventional cot wisdom with a hard working team that are service-oriented and proudly backed by a unique and hardwearing product. The Arm-O-Bunk, supplied to the US Military, is berry amendment compliant and holds a national stock number (NSN) supplier status as recognised by all Nato countries, including the US Department of Defense.

Discobed Disc-o-bed Cam-o-bunk Large Bunk Bed Cot With Organizers From Academy Sports And Outdoors

Use as a bunk bed, as separate cots, or as a couch style lounge chair. Assembled bunk 79inches x 27. 75inches x 32inches; outer dimensions 81. 75 x 32.