Buy Empty Cigar Boxes (DIY Project Download)

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I ordered a set of ten empty cigar boxes from ebay, and they were all very nice ones made from wood. We will be happy to include one empty cigar box with your cigar order. Buy any full box of cigars (min. 20 count) and we will include an empty box that you want. If you have no local options for buying empty cigar boxes, turning to the Internet is your next option. If you are looking for a specific box, eBay might be your best bet, as there tends to be a decent selection of nice boxes on there at any given time but don t expect any killer deals.

bed and beyond coupons printable 210 Premium Empty Cigar Boxes. Set includes 10 empty wood boxes. I rarely buy my cigars by the box, so my access to good cigar boxes is minimal. When I saw this offer, I didn’t hesitate to place an order, and I am very happy with the variety of sizes, shapes, and colors of the boxes in my selection. This item is no longer available for purchase. These cigar boxes are all finely crafted by manufacturers of imported, premium cigars. Set includes 10 empty boxes. I don’t have a lot of money for boxes full of cigars, but I thought. Is there a place where one can buy empty boxes of cigars, or cigar box lookalikes? I’m in Kolhy, and can easily travel.

Ever since I started smoking cigars, I’ve been saving empty boxes. The few boxes I have (I tend to buy a lot of 5’ers and singles) I use for storage.

10 Premium Empty Cigar Boxes

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