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If you’ve seen Cabin in the Woods and need to talk about all the plot twists, here is your safe spoiler space. Annalee Newitz’s Discussions. If you have already watched The Cabin in the Woods and want a place to read and discuss the film and get another horror movie fans view including spoilers this article is for you. I’m watching this as I make this post I watch it every Halloween since its release! What your your thoughts on it? Theories? Comments? Hopes for.

cabin in the woods discussion 2And the whole thing is, as the title of this review suggests, one giant metaphor. They must lure unsuspecting youths out to a cabin in the woods, then pump in the proper pheromones to cause them to make bad choices, and, finally, they must unleash the monsters that will murder said youths a graphic display of violence. Nordling here. So, you’ve seen CABIN IN THE WOODS, and want to talk about it. First off, there’s no way to truly spoil the plot of THE CABIN IN THE WOODS. Five friends go to a remote cabin in the woods. Bad things happen. If you think you know this story, think again. Discuss The Cabin in the Woods on our Movie forum!

It finally opens wide today. Drew Goddard and Joss Whedon reconstruct horror with THE CABIN IN THE WOODS. inside: Spoiler discussion! Tasha: As I mentioned in my Cabin In The Woods keynote, the film plays heavily with meta ideas in terms of using familiar character tropes to play with audience expectations, and using familiar images to jerk viewers back into horror mode even after a gag or a move back to the puppetmasters undercuts the tension. Yesterday, Tasha Robinson kicked off our Cabin In The Woods discussion with a Keynote on the film’s able use of stereotypes for swift story development. 7 Posted by hyiena (3117 posts) – 4 months, 27 days ago – Show Bio. You should go to the Cabin in the Wood wiki page there are probably 50 monsters.

The Cabin In The Woods Explained A Giant Metaphor

Five friends go for a break at a remote cabin in the woods, where they get more than they bargained for. Discuss The Cabin in the Woods (2012) on the IMDb message boards. The Cabin in the Woods is a clever take on the horror genre, with a seismically satisfying plot twist. Until Dawn follows a standard horror film setup: 10 friends go on a yearly retreat to a secluded cabin in the mountains of British Columbia. That was the first fleeting thought that went through my head during the opening few seconds of Drew Goddard’s Cabin in the Woods, as Steve and Richard (Richard Jenkins and Bradley Whitford) two middle-aged, middle-management types engage in banal conversation over a water cooler, in what appears to be a quasi-military scientific facility. Your Cabin In The Woods has 21 ratings and 6 reviews. The book has a great section discussing the attitude and demeanor you need to have in the outdoors. We discussed the possibility that Cabin in the Woods is an allegory about the making of a horror film. An allegory is a symbolic story, so let’s finish the story.

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Should The Cabin in the Woods get a sequel? I asked Drew Goddard, and he told me that, in all honesty, his opinion changes daily. Mikalski to arrive and they in their RV to Curt’s cousin’s cabin in the woods. While Buckner beats Dana and tosses her about onscreen, various employees discuss overtime pay, hit on each other, and relish their success. Diggy’s Adventure Forum Diggy’s Adventure Official Discussion Forum. We are thrilled to be in full swing with our Cabin in the Woods project. Friday January 12 we held a Roundtable Design Discussion.