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Forum discussion: We’re thinking about getting quotes from a few closet companies, such as California Closets and Closets By Design. Every fashion-addict dreams about it: a custom-designed closet, preferably walk-in, with all your clothing, footwear and accessories in sight and at arms’ reach. Design options and product line availability vary by location. Pricing for California Closets systems begins at 500; typical systems cost 1,500-5,000 installed.

california closets vs  2Hi AskMe. I need to do something about the closets in my 30+ year old house. I would like a more efficient use of space both for the master walk in closet and the smaller bedrooms. A free appointment with one of our expert design consultants is the first step in creating a custom storage solution just for you. Anyone with experience with California Closets? I have three small closets I’m considering having someone come out and design and install, but I’m curious how much they cost.

Hi – I’ve just bought a new condo in Harlem and would like to install more closets. Can anyone give me an idea about (1) prices to install California Closets,. Has anyone had their closet remodeled by California Closets? Brenda MacLeish has been working as a designer for California Closets for over 10 years and is now also the sales manager for the New York area franchise.

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california closets vs  3Our experiences looking for custom closet solutions. I recommend straight (not v-angled) hangers that are flat without pointy corners. PERFECT for Art & Olli-G’s Room! Long closet! LOVE! V.Raines Classic kids closet, reach in closet, bedroom closet organizer, California Closets Twin Cities MN. The differences between a closet company installing your custom closets and a DIY closet kit are huge, and our expert gives you the scoop. California Closets, Closets By Design, and a multitude of other closet companies are offering a simplified life and all of the wonderful benefits of new cl. Photo courtesy of California Closets. Offering more depth and space than a traditional reach-in closet, walk-ins are frequently found in master bedroom suites and loved for their versatility and storage opportunities. Popular Closet Organization Videos.

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California Closets of Portland has been providing Oregon residents with the best personalized closets and storage solutions for their home for 35 years. Over more than a decade, Carolyn Musher, the New York City sales manager of California Closets, has counseled thousands of New Yorkers through closet crises. We share inspiring design, organization trends and ideas.