Can A Mirror Face The Bedroom Door (DIY Project Download)

According to feng shui, if you spend sleepless nights then you can blame the mirror in your bedroom. The Mirror could be bouncing energy in the bedroom, and keeping you awake, restless and full of worries. You are now reading tips to remedy the bad feng shui of a mirror facing the bed directly. It can look as if you create window covering for another window – in the daytime you get all the light and freshness for the bedroom that mirrors can provide, and at nighttime you close the curtains that cover the mirrored closet doors. Includes: ideal bed placements, bed placements to avoid, bed placement cures, and bed placement can mean restive sleep. Don’t block a window with your bed in front of it. Don’t face a bathroom door. If you must place the bed across from the bathroom door, hang a mirror on the inside of the door facing the bathroom. This reflects any negative energy back into the bathroom.

can a mirror face the bedroom door 2Mirror facing main door; if you place one big mirror facing main door, you will get bad feng shui. (Meanwhile each door with door-protection god, if the mirror facing room’s door, those god will be reflect away); Mirror facing washing room’s door. A large mirror in a long dark hallway, for instance, will draw Chi energy down the hall, helping it circulate throughout your home. Start reading here about Mirrors in a Feng Shui Bedroom. JS, a mirror should not be hung on a wall that directly faces the door within 5 feet of the entrance because its reflection bounces your positive Chi back out the door behind you. In an entrance, it’s recommended against placing a mirror across from the door if the wall on which the mirror is hung is less than 6 feet away. Because they reflect and capture motion, often mirrors are used to put people in the Power Position, where the person would otherwise be facing a wall, such as in a work cubicle or a cook who faces the wall with her back to the crowd. Mirrors can be used to deflect energy from a bedroom or bed that is located above a garage or refrigerator, near an HVAC unit or adjacent to a bathroom or any other overpowering structure.

It is only a problem if the mirror faces your bed and you can see your face and upper body in the reflection. If the mirror looks sideways onto your bed it is not a problem, why are mirrors in bedrooms considered bad? Two schools of thought, the first belief is when you sleep at night your soul is supposed to leave your body and when it leaves the first thing it sees is a reflection of itself and gets startled and this is what causes nightmares and a restless sleep. If the main door or entrance of your home opens in a small foyer, then hang a mirror such that it virtually broadens the space. Avoid a mirror in bedroom; however, if there’s one, then it mustn’t reflect any body part else that body part will develop medical trouble or a third person will enter your relationship. It will cause health problem to different parts of your body depending on the door facing. Tagged:bedroom feng shui, bedroom taboo, do and dont in bedroom, Home Feng Shui, mirror in bedroom. This seems the best position as the other positions either have headboard against window plus beam overhead or have the bed face the door directly or the bed backs against the wall which has the door.

Bad Feng Shui If Mirror Facing Door Feng Shui Tips

can a mirror face the bedroom door 3Avoid a mirror that faces your bed or a mirrored set of closet doors. If these mirrors are fixtures that you can’t get rid of, then drape some fabric over them. Left exposed, they are thought to disturb your sleep. In general, you should avoid having mirrors in your bedroom, especially if you’re sharing it with a romantic partner, because they may open up a space for infidelity. Can anyone advise is it ok to have a mirror facing the bedroom door? I know its not good to face the bed but how about door? Any advice is greatly appreciat. Find out how your bedroom feng shui is affecting your sleep and get 33 tips that can help you fall asleep easier and stay asleep through the night. Also, you will have to rise from your bed to see who’s behind that door, instead of just raising your head if your bed is placed on the opposite side of the door. If you have a mirror facing the bed, any type of movement reflected by the mirror will alarm you. It is suggested that you remove animal heads (hunting trophies), pictures of faces, and other odd decors from the bedroom, because they can keep you distracted and awake. In this post, you will see my opinion as to why feng shui doesn’t like mirror facing the bed. The bedroom door should not face a mirror. 12. Check to see if your bedroom door does not have a pointed decorative archway e.g. triangular shaped as it is a cause separation or divorce. 13. The bedroom door must not face the door of another room, toilet or immediately face the staircase. A mirror facing the bed can be shocking when you first wake up, it can reflect just pieces of a bed which fragments your bed symbolically, it can create a ton of energy that makes it difficult to sleep, and on and on. We have just moved into a property and my mother in law mentioned that our bed facing the closet mirrored doors are back luck.

Feng Shui For The Bedroom

Entrance ways from the street or through your garden to your front door will determine the qualities of chi that enter your home. Placing a mirror in the dining room is considered very good Feng Shui. The door should not face a stove in the kitchen. 12.The door should not face the door of a washroom 13. That is, you don’t analyze whether your bed faces east, west, north, or south. If your bed position doesn’t allow you to see the door and you can’t move the bed, you can place a sizable mirror opposite the bed that allows you to easily see the door. According to Feng Shui, when a mirror faces the door it sends your positive energy back out the door so your house and your life does not benefit from good Qi. Mirrors should never face you while in bed unless you want to remain single or divorced because it focuses the energy on you and you alone.

When there is a door in line with your bed or desk chair and you don’t want to or can’t move your bed or desk. Cure Placement: Place the mirror face up with the intention that you are reflecting, or lifting the ceiling back up.