Can I Put A Wood Stove In My Fireplace (DIY Project Download)

So I’m thinking why can’t I just buy a freestanding wood stove, even a portable one, and put it in the fireplace? I can place a proper-sized flue down the existing 10 flue easily that’ll descend to the stove. There are two types of wood stoves that can be connected to fireplace flues: freestanding stoves and fireplace inserts. These stoves can be vented into chimneys constructed of masonry or a factory-built metal system that’s been designed, tested and listed for use with wood burning appliances; they can also connect to an existing fireplace chimney, if the height and position of the stove’s flue collar permits it. Well we just can’t spend the money, and I’m not convinced it’s very cost effective anyway. My question concerns putting a stove inside the old fireplace.

can i put a wood stove in my fireplace 2Insert, or Woodstove Standing in the Fireplace? Q: I am hoping you can help me. My wife likes inserts, but I prefer a freestanding stove inside the fireplace, thinking that the existing firebrick will absorb heat and radiate it back to my room. Correct? I just want to buy an insert or hearth stove to put into an existing fireplace that we use for wood fires now but lose alot of heat. I just finished reading your site from cover to cover and working my printer overtime. A fireplace insert is like a wood stove that has been modified by its manufacturer to fit within the firebox of a masonry fireplace. This improvement in the design of insert installations has improved their performance to the extent that today’s best fireplace inserts can be almost as efficient as free-standing wood stoves. If you want wood and you want heat, install an EPA certified fireplace insert with a full liner. Can a woodstove share a central single flue masonry chimney with other natural gas appliances (boiler furnace and water heater)?.

While wood stoves can be successfully connected to fireplace flues (a flue is the inner section of a chimney and is designed to carry away smoke and other toxic products of combustion), certain standards must be met. The chimneys may be of masonry construction or be a factory-built metal system that’s been designed, tested and listed for use with wood burning appliances. How to fit your wood burning stove in a fireplace, connected to a chimney liner. Place your square sealing plate on your new closure plate and put it exactly where you want it to be. No Stovepipe can pass through Walls, Ceilings, Floors or Windows Use only UL Approved Chimney Generally speaking, the taller the chimney, the better The fewest bends the best draft (chimney suction) Chimney Should extend 2 feet above anything within 10 Feet or 3 feet above peak Use a cap which prevents birds from entering Consult with your Hearth Dealer, Chimney Sweep and Building Official Masonry Chimneys The details as to the building of masonry chimneys are beyond the scope of this document, however there are a few safety and performance issue to keep in mind.

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Put a wood-burning stove into your fireplace and it could add value to your property as well as saving money on heating bills. Keep in mind that every wood stove requires a chimney. If all is good you can install your unlisted stove according to NFPA211. New chimneys installed for wood stoves are often made of a special kind of insulated stainless steel piping. I’ve been told I can’t get a rebate for a cleaner-burning wood stove if I install the stove myself. Gas stoves (and gas fireplace inserts) do not require EPA certification. Then there are the benefits that swapping gas for wood as a heat source can offer the environment. Most chimneys used with gas fires are fitted with Class 2 flexible liners which are lightweight and single skin. If a freestanding wood stove is too large to fit into your hearth or the style of your hearth makes it impractical, you can opt for a wood-burning insert a wood stove without legs. The prefabricated chimney isn’t rated to take the temperature that a wood insert can put out. You put a wood stove in the middle of your Basement. I’ve never tallked much about fires and chimneys but I did grow up in a wood burning house and can say this for starters.

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They are relatively easy to install, and can improve a fireplace’s efficiency. Wood stoves can be added without a fireplace, of course. Can the dealer help me choose the right size stove and help me place it in the optimum location in my house? Consider converting your gas fireplace to wood. Dear Angie: How much can I expect to pay to have my wood-burning fireplace converted to gas? Can i insert a wood burning stove and flue safely without having the line removed all together?. Recently, I was talking with a friend about the virtues of wood stoves and was surprised to learn that, though she could appreciate the efficiency of the wood stove, she would sooner bring home a pet elephant than have a wood stove in her living room. The fireplace, my pal argued, is, first and foremost an aesthetic consideration with the added benefit of feeling cozy when there is a fire going. How Much Does it Cost to Install a Fireplace or Wood Stove? If you choose to build a new fireplace and want it to be stone or brick, that will require the work of a mason to do the stone and bricklaying in addition to the contractor doing the fireplace installation. As its name suggests, a vent-free unit does not require any ducts or chimneys.