Can My Door Frame Hold A Pull Up Bar (DIY Project Download)

My apartment/ my door frames are pretty crappy but it has held up with the pull-up bar there so if my doors can hold up anyone’s can. I’ve been almost 200 at my heaviest and I use this pullup bar on my wooden door frame without any issue. I will say I was doing pullups for a couple weeks when it happened, so just because it can hold your weight doesn’t mean it won’t give way. There are a variety of pull-up bars on the market, but the most economical choice is a model that attaches to a. An additional feature that can add another exercise dimension to a door frame pull-up bar are multiple grip areas and directions.

can my door frame hold a pull up bar 2Here the best over door jamb pull up bars out there that can be used for chin ups and other workouts. Your door frame is healthy enough to hold you. Have you tried it out because I wanna Know if its safe for my door, I dont wanna get it and it mess up my door way. Door frame pull up bars are one of the quintessential pieces of bodyweight equipment. And if performed correctly and in a controlled manner, pull ups alone can make huge, visible improvements to our upper bodies. Super easy to install, each end of the bar has extenders that twist out to fit just about any door frame. It’s strong enough to hold 220 lbs of user weight. Your doorway can only hold so much, you will need to learn about weight limits. You can then hook it over the door frame and when you jump up on it, your weight keeps the bar from moving. At my own gym, there is a pull up bar on the cable machine, and also in the power rack.

This is a tutorial on how to make a doorway pull-up bar that does not require holes in any door frames or walls to mount it; which makes it perfect for college dorms or other temporary living quarters. I would appreciate any input that anybody has in order to help me improve my future Instructables. I had to make my own specifically because my doorframe was too odd to fit any commercial products. I was thinking of getting one for college, but the dorms aren’t exactly quality construction. Even though I do have a gym there, my chins are really lacking and I figured some extra practice on them couldn’t hurt without having to bother walking all the way to the gym.

Top 5 Best Door Frame Pull Up Bars

A door pull up bar can be a valuable addition to your home gym equipment collection. The no-fuss setup allows you to begin sculpting your upper body and core right away. Other doorway pull up bars, like the Iron Gym normally look like some sort of frame with handles and grips. It will not hold your weight. 2. After three months of researching doorway pull-up bars and eight hours of testing six top-rated models on nine different door frames, we found the Perfect Fitness Multi-Gym is the best for most people. Out of the nine interior doors in my home, I only had two doorways (one 28-inch and one 30-inch) that accommodated all bars (but not all worked on both of these doors without damaging them). Although almost all of these doorframe units can also be used for push ups, dips and sit-ups, I stuck with just testing for pull-ups. For a homemade fitness equipment I need to attach a bar to a door frame without using screws or modifying/damaging the doorframe. There I can use my other pull up bar (Iron Gym) which is more secure and heavy duty but which I can mount only on the top of the doorframe so it doesn’t help with the bar on the bottom. The hinged portion I drew in will not only act as a spreader to hold the sides in place, but it will act as a strong mount for the pull bar. Easy to Install: The best thing about this bar is that it can easily be installed in most of the residential door frames and walls without damaging them. A person new with pull ups cannot hold his body for a long time that is why there are three grip positions offered in this bar. I have tried to done my part and honestly as possible by providing genuine and unbiased reviews of different pull up bars which I personally think are best. The pull up bar is sturdy and as they say, and it looks like it will handle my body weight safely according to their test video. Around the door frames is not the modern narrow clam shell trim, but trim which is at least 4 inches wide with back banding that juts out another 3/8 of an inch. The padding is too thin in my opinion to hold up over time and several of the grips on my pullup bar ripped after only a few weeks of using the bar. How much weight can they hold without marring the doorframe? I own the Iron Gym pull-up bar that mounts in the doorway, and a stand alone pull-up tower. I have had a removable door one for about a year that has marred my door frame and at this moment is bent and looks like it is going to break soon.

No Screws Or Holes Pull Up Bar

The UD6 has 1/2thick foam fulcrums that sit on your door frame to protect your trim. Before I go on about the features of my Universal 6 grip doorway pull up bar let me tell you how pull ups gave me a new body. You might say that is fine but I can’t do one wide grip pull up. The UD-6 doorway pull up bar is the only bar that utilizes a cantilever hold on your doorway for all grip positions. I was a bit suspicious to begin with, but it seems to work incredibly well. Hasn’t damaged my doorway in any way what-so-ever. It will hold up to 300lbs provided your door frame is strong enough! Solid door frame pull up bar with guards to prevent paint chipping. 10 Can hold up to 300lbs Door Gym Train Exercise Iron Man Bar Pull Up Sit Up Chin Up Fitness Workout Bar. Wall mounted pull up bar brand new not out of box I bought it then realised I had no room to put it up, please text as my signal is poor thankyou. I’m trying to install a pull up bar in my door frame since my very expensive froo-froo gym can’t fit one in, what with all the elliptical machines and silly Nautilus equipment. You can put screws in wood without a pilot hole and a standard screwdriver. -hold the shelf up, put each screw back in until you hit the end of the hole you gouged out earlier.

It’s no secret by now that pull up bars are one of my very favorite pieces of workout equipment, ever. Rather than lowering down as you would in a hanging leg raise, hold that static position for as long as you can. But that’s only after a lot of time and practice on my trusty pullup bar. I must have been doing too many pullups because it broke my door frame! Flex hangs once you can hold 3 sets for 20 seconds, it’s time to try step 2. The outward pressure can easily cause less-than-rock-solid door frames to crack in the upper corners. It will hold anyone. or you can use straps with it for other exercises. One more comment – about the chin up bar that mounts in the doorway. I bought one for my son but we have an old house with wide moldings. My question is: are the squeeze-in-the-door-frame type pull up bars usable or should I try and convince the wife to mount a permanent one to the wall? There seems to be an awful lot of videos on Youtube of people bashing in their face when using the door type, and with me weighting 115kg I would probably be pushing it. IronGym bars can hold up to 270LB (122kg) so it’ll probably be ok.