Can You Stain Pressure Treated Wood To Look Like Cedar (DIY Project Download)

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Not only can you can stain treated wood, you should stain treated wood. Here are some tips. Look for a tag that says Thompsonized or ask the dealer if your lumber is this type. If you buy this type, make sure you use an oil-based exterior stain. Install Cabinets Like a Pro! I just built a deck out of pressure treated wood. Can anyone recommend a good stain (with color, not clear) to use on it? Thanks Dennis. I used mission brown color.Looks more like brick red on pt wood. Ray. Used the cedar colored stain. It seems to work and look great. One of the best products on the market is Sikkens. It stains and finishes. How to Stain Pressure-Treated Wood to Look Like Cedar. Pressure-treated wood is chemically protected to help the wood weather the elements better and last longer than natural wood.

can you stain pressure treated wood to look like cedar 2Most people like their decks stained natural. Wood and Deck Cleaner and apply one coat of Mountain XT Brown Cedar, Cinnamon Stick or Toffee. Washing twice a year will improve the lifespan of your deck and make it look better. Weather wreaks havoc on unprotected wood, even pressure-treated pine, tropical hardwoods, cedar, redwood, and others that are resistant to rot and insect damage. Solid stains, with distinct, grain-hiding colors, look more like a layer of paint; they offer the ultimate protection (Figure 1). No matter what product you use, refinishing will be necessary every one to three years, depending on the exposure to sun and the elements. What is the difference between green pressure treated wood and brown pressure treated wood? I recently purchased a preservative that says for green pressure treated wood. I like the look of cedar, but the lumberyard suggested I consider pressure-treated wood and a product called TREX, which is a synthetic wood, as alternatives. Cedar, like the other naturals decking material redwood, does not shrink appreciably or warp. If you plan of using a stain or paint, it is wise to give the surface at least six months after the initial sealing for proper adhesion.

Pressure-treated wood is chemically protected to help the wood weather the elements better and last longer than natural wood. Copper-based chemicals help treate See more about Cedar Walls, Cedar Boards and Cedar Deck. The first job we got is a 6′ tall cedar board-on-board fence that has a 4 foot retainer wall built. Does anyone have any recommendations for a good stain that will cover the cedar 1 x 6 pickets & 2 x 4 rough sawn rails, but also give a good looking coverage on the PT 2 x 6’s and the look on the PT material will match that of the cedar? Ideally, it would be a good mix of quality versus coverage since we have only allocated 425 for stain and I am calculating 2400 sq. Making Green look like red/brown as a match is not going to happen. Basically what that means is you saturate the wood to the point that the stain is running down the fence but not in excess. I’d like to use PT lumber for its availability and. I’d love to get close to the look of fresh redwood; that nice, Southwestern reddish/brown color. My suggestion is since you’re going to be painting or staining the wood anyway. Go with a standard non-treated 2X6 like yellow pine. I wouldn’t use untreated lumber unless it is cedar or redwood.

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It’s in great shape and I’d like to keep it that way for years to come. After the prep is done you can start staining your pressure treated wood. I am using Olympic Elite Woodland oil stain (Mountain Cedar and Kona Brown) on my 12 X 16 shed that I am currently building. Doing a search for deck stain help can lead you to a mountain of information that will educate and prepare you for your deck staining project. This can lead to many moisture problems like mold, fungi, rot, and decay. Many wood and deck stains have difficulty with penetrating new exterior wood such as cedar, redwood, and especially pressure treated pine. The Honey Gold color was a rich wet look. Pressure-treated Penofin wood stain is formulated to restore the beautiful wood tones homeowners want. It comes in three natural tones and penetrates pressure-treated wood like no other wood stain. Penofin pressure-treated wood stain tones are: Rainier, with golden honey tones to bring out the rich, smooth look of lighter woods; Tahoe, with rich cinnamon tones for that rich, bold look; Micropro Sienna revolutionizes backyard projects this summer with new pressure-treated wood that looks like cedar. Removing the second step of staining makes the game-changing wood product not only a stylish option, but also a simple one. Outdoor spaces and lounge areas created with Micro- Pro Sienna treated wood can easily extend indoor square-footage as they become the go-to room for outdoor dining and entertaining, enriching spring and summer seasons. There has been no fading or flaking at all, and when I pressure wash is each summer, it looks good as new. I’m guessing the cedar pickets weren’t pressure treated though? They will tint it to any color you want just like normal paint. To produce pressure-treated wood, the milled lumber (typically pine or cedar) is saturated with chemical preservatives. It s worth mentioning that in outdoor applications where the finish will be subject to the elements, paint lasts longer on vertical surfaces like fences than it does on horizontal ones like decks. If you don t like the idea of repainting every two or three years, consider staining the pressure-treated wood instead.

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How to stain and pressure wash a fence. A great video showing you the proper process to cleaning a fence and staining it so it looks brand new again. From a. Can I get untreated pine and then find a stain that matches the brown? I don’t know much about treating wood. Stick with the pressure treated wood, you’ll thank yourself later. As for colour, I’ve never dealt with any pressure treated wood outside of the standard green-gray stuff. It’s also 3 to 4 times the price of pressure treated deck wood. To answer your question, yes, there are many translucent stains you can use on pt wood. I agree that the concept of modern composite decking does not mesh with a mid-’30s house, but some of the composite decking I’ve seen does look a lot like painted porch boards of days gone by (without the flaking, pealing, and maintenance). Cedar would probably be too soft for decking, but redwood is often used on the west coast. The good news is that most decks, like this one, can be rejuvenated for a lot less than the cost of replacement. Following are some techniques you can use to give an old deck a new lease on life, or to help maintain the look of a new one.

Even pressure treated wood will eventually succumb. It does not last forever, but can be renewed each time you retreat your deck. In many cases stains are used to change the appearance of the natural wood, for example making pine look more like redwood or cedar. I stained it about six months ago and it now looks dull and faded. I’d like to know about your ADMTM 2000 safe-wash cleaner and sealer. A: Our Safe-wash is super for cleaning all types of decks with all kinds of finishes. How to Seal and Stain Pressure Treated Wood Decking. Most decks are made from pressure treated pine. Remove staining, mildew and old finish with a commercial deck cleaning solution.