Cap Tables Explained Xls (DIY Project Download)

Use this spreadsheet to learn more about cap tables and what your cap table might look like. Then hire a lawyer to maintain the company’s official cap table. Notice that the template has different colored tabs at the bottom, which will show cap tables before financing and through the Series A and Series B rounds. Download a sample capitalization table with pro-forma calculations based on new round pricing.

cap tables explained xls 2In the spirit of sharing modeling tools I use when thinking about a startup, here is an Excel spreadsheet for modeling out cap table equity and dilution across a number of capital raising rounds. Last night I put together a public read-only google spreadsheet that shows you a basic cap table in the format I like to use. You can check it out here. So, we decided to create a cap-table spreadsheet in Excel that handles convertible debt. This post and sample cap table spreadsheet is provided as a learning tool on an as-is basis with no guaranties. Please click here for a more detailed explanation of the risks involved by investing through EquityZen’s platform.

A capitalization table (or cap table) is a table providing an analysis of the founders’ and investors’ percentage of ownership, equity dilution, and value of equity in each round of investment. In the earliest stages of their development, private companies may track their shareholders in a simple document or spreadsheet. A spreadsheet or table that shows ownership stakes in a company, typically a startup or early stage venture. A capitalization table is a record of all the major shareholders of a company, along with their pro-rata ownership of all the securities issued by the company (equity shares, preferred shares and options), and the various prices paid by these stakeholders for these securities. Find out what types of capital are not considered share capital, including an explanation of the different types of share. Please see Excel file entitled Cap Tables Explained.xls.

Startup Tools: Equity And Investment (cap Table) Model

cap tables explained xls 3The StartUp Cap Table – The Core of the Business. This is usually and excel spreadsheet showing the total amount of the various securities issued by a firm. The spreadsheet determines if a series of preferred stock should convert based on whether the series would receive more merger proceeds as a holder of preferred stock or common stock. Please don’t expect any support or explanation on how the spreadsheet works. About These Models These Cap Tables enable you to model multiple financing rounds for multiple investors or investor groups. Read these short descriptions of the features of each Cap Table and then open the one that best suits your needs. Standard Cap Table This is the original Startup Cap Table Big Cap Table Allows. These are explained briefly below:. (you may need to scroll the spreadsheet to bring the relevant cells into view). Take control of your cap table, model fundraising scenarios, manage your option pool and keep your shareholders up to date. Finally, thank you to Martin Kleppmann for inspiring the graphs above from his 2010 blog post Valuation caps on convertible notes, explained with graphs. The video below provide a quick explanation on using the calculator. I know to read the Slicing Pie book and at the very least use this spreadsheet.

Capitalization Table

Many companies maintain this information on a CAP Table spreadsheet meaning that the margin for manual error is high. The Global Shares CAP Table solution allows the private companies to maintain both their equity records and capitalization table all under one comprehensive on-line solution. CAP Tables Explained. For example, using back of the envelope math, you can figure the cap table out without a number of shares (see the rows labeled equity for the formula). Swap (1)table sign: everyone needs to be sure and sign in. Made with a soda cap with a pull tab glued onto. Experience the swaps may need to be explained step by. These days we onboard about 100 cap tables each month. Generating a spreadsheet of vesting events would be more precise and less ambiguous than writing paragraphs.

Example Capitalization Table (cap table) Spreadsheet. Jeff has done a nice job building a site that both models a cap table and provides a lot of information to empower entrepreneurs both with educational resources and software tools.