Capsule Wardrobe For Mums (DIY Project Download)

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Discover thousands of images about Capsule Wardrobe Mom on Pinterest, a visual bookmarking tool that helps you discover and save creative ideas. I’ve been on the fence about this whole Capsule Wardrobe phenomenon for a while now, but I’m here to report I cleaned out my closet and have a rundown of why it’s a pretty common sense approach that most of us regular gals are almost practicing without even knowing it, and a couple perks to giving it a more whole-hearted go. I’m also a stay-at-home mom who loves looking good and wouldn’t be caught dead wearing sweats in the grocery store, but also has no qualms whatsoever only wearing yoga pants and a t-shirt if I’m not leaving the house that day. I’m a new mum and until DD was born (12 wks ago).. well until I got pregnant really, I had quite a nice wardrobe but tight fitting (size 8/10) and a bit trendy.

capsule wardrobe for mums 2I decided to build a functional wardrobe, and not collect pieces at random as I had done for years. I love the concept of the capsule wardrobe, I really do. It sounds ideal. But I’m not an idealistI’m a mom. Sample capsule wardrobe for the SAHM stay at home mom. Practical yet stylish fashion advice for the new mom. How to dress with style and comfort as a parent.

If you’re just coming out of the newborn fog and want to reclaim your style, this is for you. A 15 piece capsule wardrobe that new mums can easily adapt. We’ve created a fashion formula for your capsule wardrobe with the key pieces that’ll see you through your pregnancy. Check out our list of do’s and don’ts below and then click through to have a look at our top 9 maternity wardrobe pieces as well as 5 accessories and extras to finish off your new look!. The good news is we’ve put together a handy capsule wardrobe collection of 12 items, plus a few items and accessories from our maternity capsule wardrobe.

Style And The Stay-at-home Mom: Building The Uniform, Part 1

capsule wardrobe for mums 3On the other hand, my capsule wardrobe is like a fine-dining restaurant. I’m a stay at home mom now, who lives in jeans and sweat pants, but I’m looking to go back to work and none of my old with stuff fits Or is in style!. Personal Stylist Lisa Talbot Shares Her Capsule Wardrobe Tips. Lisa Talbot for her top tips for capsule wardrobes for busy mums. Post-baby. If you were going to invest in a new set of clothes, as a new mum, what would you get?. What do you wear at home with your babies and when you’re going shopping, for walks, etc? My shopaholic side is steering me towards dresses and heels but I don’t have anywhere to wear them now and I know they’ll just sit in the wardrobe! Becoming a parent is an exciting but often overwhelming time in anyone’s life. While your wardrobe may become less of a priority, having a capsule edit to choose from can save you both time and stress. Faux called the capsule wardrobe a vital starting point for women who are serious about developing their sense of style. My mom and I were just talking about this yesterday. Have you created a capsule wardrobe? What’s in your fall capsule? Have you encapsulated your life into 37 easy pieces??? You will magically look thinner, happier and have more style if you minimize your wardrobe to astronaut standards!!!.

An Affordable Capsule Wardrobe For New Mums

My picks for creating a summer holiday capsule wardrobe that will see you through your holiday in style. Next it’s a personal shopping session with Sally. We’ll put together a capsule wardrobe for you that is stylish, practical and suits your lifestyle needs and budget. I often get asked if a capsule wardrobe is really possible. It is a great way to save time in terms of selecting what to wear and shopping, a necessity being a Mum with a career. Bon Prix are doing a Capsule Wardrobe Style Challenge and they challenged me to choose a staple item (I chose this basic striped top) and to style it.