Capsule Wardrobe For Work And Casual (DIY Project Download)

Clothes, Packing Ideas, & Cute Outfits. Shoes, Jewelry, Accesories, & Fashion & Accessory Trends How to style your amazing capsule wardrobe! Capsule Styling fashion forward business casual work wardrobe My Style W O R K. Save. When you shop trends, and work with a massive wardrobe, there is too much going on to develop a personal style. How can you possibly know what looks good on you, when you are always trying to wear something different or find something new?. Check out the Project 333 Pinterest board for examples of colorful capsule wardrobes. I wear scubs to work, all neutral colors, and on days off I live mostly in jeans or casual skinny pants. This post applies to work clothes, but are people doing this for casual and weekend clothes as well?

capsule wardrobe for work and casual 2I wrote a post on what essential items a capsule wardrobe for a business casual dress code should contain. Build a mixable capsule wardrobe that you wear solely for work Keep your work wardrobe separate from your regular wardrobe Regardless of your own personal style, if you work in an environment with a very strict, professional dress code I recommend you build a completely separate work wardrobe. Smart-casual essentially means no suits required, but you’ll still want to look polished and avoid some basic office no-goes (strapless tops or dresses, halter tops or dresses, super low-cut tops, short shorts, flip flops!). A business casual capsule wardrobe for a woman that features machine washable clothing. I’m 42 and just went back to working in an office after years being a SAHM and then a WAHM. The office is business casual and with three boys at home and a crazy schedule I’d like everything machine washable.

If you need two capsule wardrobes (one for work and one for the weekends), go for it. If you need more clothes than 37, add em in. This Ann Taylor business casual capsule wardrobe will have you looking great at work. It includes some pops of color and pattern mixing. Learn the true definition of business casual for women and how to create a capsule wardrobe to always look polished and professional.

The Workwear Edit A Business Casual Capsule Wardrobe: The Key Workwear Pieces You Need

capsule wardrobe for work and casual 3This checklist is a good template for a basic starter work wardrobe. (Even though I created this for my maternity capsule wardrobe it works just as well for anyone with regard to mixing & matching.) I had a few requests to update the header on this checklist so people could pin it as a starter capsule wardrobe without looking like they were expecting so here s the updated graphic. Months ago we read about the capsule wardrobe from Caroline on and we were impressed. Caroline was blogging about the looks she created from her seasonal wardrobe, which is only 37 pieces. For both of us, our aim was to create a capsule wardrobe that included both work and casual clothes. I recently went shopping with a client who needed help putting together a small business casual capsule for a brand new job. That way she would be able to reach for outfits without fuss, and focus her energies on work. I thought there was no way in hell 33 items could support both my casual and professional wardrobes, especially not counting shoes. But hey, I tried it. How to create a Capsule Wardrobe from the original and best online capsule wardrobe service. The capsule wardrobe goals break down quickly when you have different work and casual dress codes. Although there is some overlap, generally the clothes I wear to my office are not the ones I’m wearing casually. Blazers, cardigans, button-ups, sheath dresses, dress pants, and pencil skirts don’t show up in my casual wear but are staples in my work-wear.

How To Create A Capsule Wardrobe

Your shoes work to dress up a pair of jeans, compliment a little black dress and you can still wear them daily to your business casual office. The concept of a capsule wardrobe is exciting for people that want to have a smaller wardrobe full of things they enjoy wearing. I realize there are potentially a few items in your current closet that would work for a capsule wardrobe, but often times, the concept of a capsule wardrobe requires a fresh start. It is a rainbow of color and different styles bohemian, chic, fun, flirty, casual a true minimalists nightmare! You have a capsule wardrobe for work and casual, and live in a temperate climate with only two seasons (HOT summers, cool-ish winters). I love, love, love the concept of the capsule wardrobe and I’ve been doing it since last fall. Faux called the capsule wardrobe a vital starting point for women who are serious about developing their sense of style. Numerous style bloggers are riffing the capsule wardrobe these days. I work in an office environment that is pretty business-casual at the moment. I know that I probably have too many choices in my closet at this point and need to weed before I add anything else new.

A capsule wardrobe is the best way to organize your wardrobe because it will give you a lot more outfits with just a few pieces. Determine the dress code for your career and work lifestyle. So using this example, Amanda should have two business casual capsules, 1/2 smart casual capsule, and 1/2 active wear. Last week, I introduced you to my recent wardrobe obsession: capsule wardrobes. This on-trend idea (hi, KonMari!) was everywhere last year, and for me, a lifetime of loving fashion, a penchant for organization, and a tight budget came together and created the perfect environment in which it could take root. I’m starting a new office job. I want to be smart, but not overly. I’m working 3 days a week so would like 6 complete outfits, including shoes (I own.