Capsule Wardrobe Tips (DIY Project Download)

This is the final post in my mini-series on capsule wardrobes. My Capsule Wardrobe Experiment: Part Three – Lessons Learned, Tips & Takeaways. If you have trouble deciding what to wear on a daily basis, or find the thought of your current wardrobe overwhelming, then a capsule wardrobe just might be what you need. Creating a capsule wardrobe from an overflowing closet can seem intimidating. The following tips should help you get started with any capsule, try using them for your next trip for example.

capsule wardrobe tips 2Anyone have tips for resisting buying clothes in between seasons? Below we explore what a real capsule wardrobe looks like, Rector’s methodology, what it’s done to change her life, and how to start your own capsule collection. Check out Rector’s additional tips and rules for paring down your closet. How I’ve created my own capsule wardrobe and why it matters, plus tips to help you start your own, too.

Thinking of starting a capsule wardrobe? Here are the tips you will need before you start clearing your closet. 5 tips for building a versatile college capsule wardrobe. 1. Get super specific about what types of activities you’ll need clothes for. Tips & Videos. A nice full capsule wardrobe would consist of 20-30 items that would then create hundreds of looks. The basic formula for a professional capsule wardrobe is:.

How To Build A Capsule Wardrobe

capsule wardrobe tips 3If you haven’t been following along, you can view my Fall 2014 Fashion Capsule Wardrobe and read more about the approach I decided to use on my first capsule. Can a ‘Capsule wardrobe’ change your life by downsizing the closet? Prepare to be amazed and scroll below for some helpful tips. If you’re on the way to adopting a capsule wardrobe and are looking for some tips on how to go about it, here are a few guidelines that worked for me:. Mary picks her three most important capsule wardrobe items. Creating a capsule wardrobe: advice on how to merge work and weekend style for a conservative office and casual weekend.

How To Create A Capsule Wardrobe