Carcaso Bar Stool (DIY Project Download)

The Carcaso kitchen stool features a padded faux leather seat with a stunning silver trim around the edges of the seat to give the stool a really classy look. The elegantly designed red Carcaso will add a touch of class to any kitchen or breakfast bar area. With a very unique design this stool will stand out, whilst when pieced together with the luxurious red finish will give a warm and friendly feel. The funky Carcaso is now available in a stunning, soft shade of cream. The subtle cream colouring outlined with a deep black edging and finished with beautiful mirror chrome trimming to really set off the design.

carcaso bar stool 2Faux leather padded seat that is fully height adjustable and can swivel. Base, stem and footrest are all chrome plated steel for durability. Buy the fantastic Carcaso Bar Stool from The elegantly designed Carcaso bar stool will add a touch of class to any exhibition stand. With a very unique design this stool will stand out.

MDM Black Carcaso Bar Stool Plastic Seat With A Chrome Leg See more about Bar Stools, Stools and Plastic. Carcaso Bar Stool With Red Plastic Seat And A Chrome Leg at MDM Furniture. Free delivery on orders over 150. The curved seat top will cater for any need and with the rounded back rest maximising comfort just adds more greatness to this stool. The Carcaso stools have wonderful crafted mirror finished chrome work on the base, footrest and gas lift section to give off an alluring glow to brighten up any room or breakfast bar area.

Carcaso Bar Stools

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Mdm Black Carcaso Bar Stool Plastic Seat With A Chrome Leg