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DIY Gift Box from Cardboard. Prev Article Next Article. This is a nice project to reuse the carton box or other boxes. Materials: Cardboard Mounting tape Round seal Knife Thread/Cord/Ribbon. How to Make a Gift Box out of a Greeting Card. This is a great way to recycle old greeting cards and make little boxes for small gifts (or for storing small objects). This is a very versatile box that can be used to package almost any gift. It can also be made without the lid and used as a letter box, napkin holder, etc. Make a lightweight box by printing directly on cardstock. Place the carbon paper face-down on the cardboard and lay the pattern face-up on top.

card gift boxes to make 2These craft projects are all about making gifts a visual delight with techniques and ideas for gift wrapping. All it takes to make this cutie are empty cardboard tubes, a cereal box and scraps of ribbon or paper. It makes a sturdy box for storing small things, you can basically make it any size you like. it would make a great gift box for jewelry, or for storing different items. With a few simple folds, and a cut here and there, you can make just the right box for small gifts or treasures.

This is lovely little gift box and lid that is made with a few folds, a couple of snips with the scissors and a dollop of glue. I ve used the biggest square I could get out of an A4 sheet of card, but you can make the box any size you wish, just remember to use two squares of card and that the one used for the lid must be slightly larger than the base square or it wont fit over the top of the base. How to make tiny folded gift boxes from Christmas cards, other greeting cards, or squares of stiff paper or thin card stock. Keep them guessing with a gift box! Luxury Square Stripy Flat Packed Gift Box. MAKE SHOPPING EASIER.

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Paper craft idea: See how to make a bunny box to fill with chocolates or a gift. Cut out the pieces and trace the face and outer ear templates on to a pastel coloured card. How to Make Custom Boxes from Cardboard for the Holidays In this video tutorial, learn how to make a cardboard house with leftover cardboard that you may have sitting around from the holidays. How to Make an origami gift box lid Barbabella shows how to make a modular origami hexagonal box lid with star design. Find great deals on eBay for Cardboard Gift Boxes in Jewellery Packaging. Shop with confidence. You can then safely transport/stack/move your goods with these quality boxes. Small easy to store and use, many kind. Here are 7 DIY ideas that’ll help you make pretty gift boxes at home:. The materials needed are Cardboard/ carton, tape, round seal, knife and thread or ribbon. Follow these steps to get your compact card gift box. I invited a few friends to join the box-making bandwagon during a lunch break, and we had a fun time making something new out of the already cool design elements the cards had to offer. Find out how you can easily create small boxes using old greeting cards. This is a great way to use up Christmas cards, birthday cards, and more.

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Most homes have old decks of cards laying around. Why not recycle them into something useful or unique. Use this box as a gift box or a small storage box.