Cardboard Box Fire Truck Costume (DIY Project Download)

Homemade Halloween firetruck costume made out of a cardboard box, styro foam, electic pipe, lights and more! See more about Cardboard Boxes, Homemade Halloween and Pipes. As the saying goes, children enjoy the box more than the present, so take it a step further with some eco-friendly paint and a box cutter and turn their favorite toy into a fitting costume. This week lilsugar offers Five Costumes Made From a Cardboard Box. After not being able to find a good costume for sale, Kathryn Purgason created this outfit of a firefighter in her own wearable cardboard box firetruck. The firefighter outfit is made from modestly customized existing clothing, while the firetruck is made from a recycled cardboard box and comes complete with hose, ladder and dalmatian it even has working lights on the front.

cardboard box fire truck costume 2So I think we are set for Halloween, but here are the other truck Halloween costume ideas I considered: You Can Match, Mom! Take a look at these homemade Firefighter costume ideas submitted to our annual Halloween Costume Contest. I painted the box red (went by the picture here at this site) drew out the detail work on box, used lots of plastic tape to tape off areas for easy painting. Below are a few DIY costume ideas that are not only creative and inexpensive, but they will also help you green your Halloween. Train: Use a large cardboard box to make a train or fire truck costume for your child.

Instructions. Cut the top flaps off a large cardboard box. Cut a large opening in the bottom (which is now the top) to fit over the top of the stroller. Turn upside down. Spray paint all five sides of the box. Let dry. Cut details of the fire truck out of yellow and white poster board. We found a big cardboard box and bought some spray paint, and in a day we had a fire truck. A pretty cute one, too. Adorable Cardboard Box Fire Truck and Paper Bag Burning Building Costumes. Great last-minute Halloween ideas.

Trick Or Beep: The Best Truck Halloween Costume

cardboard box fire truck costume 3Fire trucks and dump trucks are the most popular types when it comes to crafts. Both these trucks can be made from boxes or Styrofoam egg cartons. Fireman, Fire Dog, Fire Truck Halloween Costume. October 28, 2012. I used a large cardboard box and cut it up into two truck shapes for either side. I used scrap pieces to make the ladder. They got in costume yesterday and took their truck out for a test drive! Browse through this collection of homemade costumes and be inspired to make your own cardboard costume. Shop for Fire truck costume toddler. Karla explains how to transform a large, cardboard box into a fire truck costume. Dump truck costumes in Halloween Kids’. Free kids craft ideas including free printables, holiday crafts, coloring pages and more! Fire on Spirit Halloween CostumesBuy Fire truck costume toddler from top rated stores. I made this fire truck costume for S in November 2009. Tape all sides of the box together with masking tape. Fire Truck Box Toy More Kinder Crafts Children Can Make These Fire Trucks To Personalised Silver Plated Fire Engine Moneybox – 29. As The Saying Goes Children Enjoy The Box More Than ECOWEEN Cardboard Box Fire Truck Costume What To Wear When Youre Single On Valentines Day Valentine Fire Truck Box Toy – Enchanted Learning Software11 Feb 2011 Valentine Theme Unit Art Clip Spongebob Valentine Sailor’s Florida Valentine Sweet Valentine Day Gift Idea Box Fire Truck Valentine Each How to Decorate a Shoebox for Valentine’s Day eHow.

Stroller Fire Truck Costume

Cardboard Box iPod Costume – With a lil paint, minimal artistic talent and a few supplies you will find around your home, you can easily create an iPod costume for your budding music man. Cardboard Fire Engine Truck Tutorial – A darling prop and boy-sized toy for a Fire Truck themed birthday party. 31. I’ve been wanting to make something cool out of a cardboard box for some time now I’m weird like that. My son wants to be a fireman for Halloween, but made it very clear he had to have a fire truck to go with his costume. Firetruck: Items you will need: Large Box, Red Paint, Blue Paint, Black Marker, Sharp Knife, Packing Tape, Electrical Tape, Glue, Plastic Lids. Cowboy/Cowgirl: Cardboard (twin size mattress box) -rope -long hair costume wig -nontoxic poster paint. Cardboard Box Halloween Costumes. Frugal Cardboard Box Halloween Costume.

Take a medium-sized cardboard box and cut the flaps off of the top – this will now become the bottom of your fire truck. We spent a happy afternoon in early October painting a cardboard box and part of the kitchen floor red. I promised him it would have wheels that would really spin. Long Trail IPA six-pack holder for the yellow lights on the fire truck. I worked on it late into the evening when I should have been in bed. The most time consuming part was that I used a diaper box with a lot of printing on it so it needed 3 coats of paint to cover. A Fire Engine craft using a cardboard box, paints and imagination, to enjoy with your children. Dress up in a fire-fighter costume.