Cardstock Box Pattern (DIY Project Download)

Free printable paper box templates. diy treat box – Google Search. DIY gift box from card stock. Diy box fun and easy. Gift box template. Paperzone has some handy templates for making your own cardstock gift boxes. I’ve gathered together 15 DIY gift box tutorials and templates. If you use letter sized cardstock, you can print the templates directly onto your paper, saving you a lot of time and trouble! I also HIGHLY recommend using Elmer’s Dot Runner or something similar when assembling these kinds of boxes.

cardstock box pattern 2Creative Cardstock Gift Box Templates. Looking for some creative gift display ideas? These require little more than a few pieces of cardstock and some printer ink!. Gorgeous templates From the Toy Maker:These are lovely as they are, but you can also trace the templates ontocardstock to make plain stampable boxes in stunning shapes if you like:Toy Shop Box:. Sentiments & Patterns; Free eBooks; Videos. a curve is to cut a template of the box end from cardstock and trace around pillow box pattern. Is it.

Links. Store Locator Blog Angel Policy Category Index Product Index. Mailing List. Copyright 2016 Memory Box Inc. All Rights Reserved. stats. I colored the box by hand (which was why I used white card stock) but if you want a solid colored box, you could just print the pattern on a solid colored card stock. Best printed on card stock – always plain card stock decorated with MY POLKA DOT MAKER!:-).

Creative Cardstock Gift Box Templates

With 6 1/2 x 12 copy paper, stamp pattern all over with Versamark. Trace the pattern onto the back of each sheet of white and cornflower blue card stock;