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A Master Carpenter earns an average wage of 25.40 per hour. How much should I charge for a laborer/carpenter? Walk away with 80 an hour in profit per employee can’t complain about that. Salary and wage information for carpenters and joiners is compiled regularly by analysis of Australian jobs advertised in major publications. Salaries are annual unless otherwise stated. 35 40 per hour, Sydney.

sedona furniture collection 2I and a very experienced finish carpenter, cabinetmaker, furniture maker, what ever you want to call me. Looking for a carpenter and worried about costs? Networx breaks down how much you can expect to pay. Research Carpenters salaries, wages, and employment info for San Jose, California. Carpenters in this location make 60,690 per year (29.18 per hour).

Apprentice carpenters pay range from 16 – 24. 23.13 per hour. International Comparison of a Carpenter Average Salary. Belgium average salary, PPP 1,781, 1,887, Minimum per month, normal hours of work, 2004. Your hourly rate is pretty low. Most journeymen installer/carpenters in San Diego are commanding 20-25 an hour. Some as high as 30.

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In one 40 hour workweek a Journeyman union carpenter will currently expect to earn approximately 1,304 gross in salary and benefits.

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