Carving Wood With A Knife (DIY Project Download)

An alternative to the X-Acto Knife would be a good wood carving knife but you won’t really know which one you want until after you’ve worked on a few simple projects. From building model airplanes to working with wood, you bring joy to life with just your two hands and a little help from a few invaluable tools. WOOD CARVING CHISEL SET TOOLS WOOD WORKING KNIFE CHISEL TOOLS in BOX Set 6 Piece. 12 Pocket Leather Tool Roll Wood Carving Tools Knives Gouges Chisels.

carving wood with a knife 2These unusually comfortable carving knives have ergonomically shaped wooden handles suitable for extended carving periods. Exceptionally sharp and easily controlled, the double-bevelled, high-carbon spring-steel blades (Rc52-54) come fully honed, ready for use. While applying force to push a knife or gouge through wood, tools frequently slip. Always keep your hands behind the tool’s sharp edge. Do not hold the wood in your lap while carving. Straight knives for wood carving include chip carving knives and general whittling knives. These are all hand forged and razor sharp with very fine bevel.

Garrett Wade offers high-quality wood carving tools, shop knives, utility knives, folding knives and draw knives, plus blades for marking and layout.

Carving Knives

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