Cast Iron Router Table Extension Sawstop (DIY Project Download)

This required cutting a hole and routing a lip for the lift to sit on. With the ProMax and one more SawStop cast iron extension in-hand I pulled the old SawStop laminated extension out. Simply attaching legs to the router table extension would allow me to use the mobile base on the saw cabinet, but in my small shop, a table long enough to add a mattress and sleep Shaquille O Neall comfortably doesn t leave much room to manuever. Benchdog makes two different cast iron router tables. I spent a good deal of time on the internet searching for a cast iron or alternative material extension table for the Sawstop table saw. What is available seems to be geared to the 27 depth of table saw market.

cast iron router table extension sawstop 2The cast iron router table on my Delta Contractor Saw has been a big player, and a large part of that is due to the ability to use it in conjunction with the table saw fence. Second issue, none of the mounting holes for the stock table extension on the SawStop Industrial would line up with the mounting holes on the router table. I dropped a Bench Dog router lift into the extension table and I am also impressed with this device:. Besides offering unmatched safety the SawStop is just a nicely made table saw. I made that low attachment to the saw base by bolting some angle iron to the base and to the leg. ? Check out this site for cast iron extension tables, plates and router table fences.

First, the SawStop PCS comes with a right extension wing that fits between the SawStop fence rails; it’s like a torsion box with one skin on top. If you want your SawStop and router table to be as dust-free as possible, give these ideas a looksy. It’s been a while, but I wrote a follow-up to my earlier SawStop mods, and for the router extension in particular. Does anyone have any experience mounting the ProMaXRT to a Sawstop industrial tablesaw?Does anyone have any experience mounting a Sidewinder 420 router lift into the ProMaxRT?Kind thoughts-Christopher.

James Watriss: Resolving Issues Of Compatibility: Adding A Cast Iron Router Table To The Sawstop

cast iron router table extension sawstop 3I’d also like to hear from folks who have the BD table extension. I put a 3612BR Makita router in my cast iron table saw wing a number of years ago. It will be on the right side of my table saw (SawStop ICS) to replace the included side-tableBuilt-in dust collection. Ok I just upgraded to a SawStop professional cabinet saw. It has a plastic covered extension table with wood ribbing underneath. I just sold my Norm Abrahm Router Table as I no longer have the space for something that big and I want to incorporate the router into the extension table. The SS extension table is made more like a torsion box without a bottom on it, you may have to finagle to get a router into it, or make a new one. Folks have put cast iron benchdog router tables on the PCS. The saw unifence doubles as a router table fence. I have my router installed on a rockler base plate that I have mortised into the right extension of my sawstop. The SawStop Cast Iron Wing Assembly adds functionality and style to your SawStop CNS Table Saw. I cut this down, framed it and reinforced it, and placed it on far right side of the saw, hanging from the rails and attached to the cast iron table.

Router Table Wing In Sawstop

Check out our review of installing a cast iron router table from Peachtree Woodworking Supply. The one exception to this would be the SawStop cabinet saw. It’s left tilt mechanism is under the right side extension table. SawStop and CPSC have plenty of data about table saw injuries. I only wish the extension table was built anywhere near as well as the rest of the product. I was able to attach the Bench Dog cast iron router table top (Pro Max) to the left side without any problem. I had searched for a reasonably priced router table extension and had almost given up when I came across the one from Tools Plus. The sawstop already had the cast-iron wing upgrade, so this made for one wing on the left and two on the right. Bench Dog Tools 40-102 ProMax Cast Iron Router Table Extension.

What I did was drill holes through the rail and the cast iron top. One wing is a multifunction wing – I use it as a router table, and have a vise on the end, with dog holes for clamping work.