Cast Iron Table Saw Rust Removal (DIY Project Download)

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Removing Rust from a Table Saw. You’ll need to unbolt those heavy cast iron tops and set them in a large tub that they can be completely submerged in. Learn some helpful tips on how to clean rust off a table saw. If your table saw has a cast iron top even the slightest amount of moisture contacting it can leave water marks and eventually rust spots. A: Norm Abram replies: Cast iron is a great surface for table saws, but it does tend to rust if not cared for, or if it has been stored where the humidity levels are high. The best way to remove minor rust is to scrub with a Scotchbrite pad and mineral spirits.

cast iron table saw rust removal 2I need help with my cast iron table saw bed. Is it common for a bed to have what looks like milling marks radiating from the center out to the edge of the bed? I used OSPHO to remove the rust but it left a hard residue. Can you remove rust from the bottom of a plane in the same way? I took out my new Veritas jack plane that I’ve only had a few months and have used a handful of times to find rust on the sole. Scour a cast-iron surface, then protect it from dampness. I just picked up a nice old Atlas table saw with a cast iron top. You can sand the top with sandpaper to remove the rust, then rub bees wax on it to seal and protect it.

Step one, using a scotch bright pad and some rubbing compound (very important), remove all oil and rust. When I cleaned up a table saw I bought at a garage sale I used a concoction I brewed up out of oil, rust penetrant, and solvent. The only problem is the slight rust layer that has developed on the cast iron top. None looks deep, no pitting, but I want to clean it down to a shiny silver surface again. Since I moved to my new shop, temperatures here are very very high and humid, I have a TS cast iron problem. It builds very easily rust on it and needs constant cleaning.

Looks Like I’m Rusty!

I am trying to remove the rust off of the cast iron top of a very expensive table saw that that some idiot, (ME!!!), neglected. It is pretty bad & pitted in some areas. Condensation forms on its steel and cast-iron parts because they are cooler than the surrounding air (1). Next came removal of surface rust from the saw’s table and wings. I just bought a great roll-in band saw. The major issue is the table is rusted. It is not a very rough deep rust. Before I proceed I need some feed ba. How to remove rust from cast iron table tops on common woodworking equipment such as table saws, router tables, band saws, jointers, planers and much more. Get shopping advice from experts, friends and the community! I have a Cast Iron Table Saw that has some rust damage. What is the best way to clean and protect this surface? Would it be best to disassemble the top and soak it in something like WD-40? After, could I paint it with something to seal the table that would not rub off when using it?. You can easily remove rust in one of two ways: Scrub with a commercial cleaner and an abrasive pad, or power it off using a spinning wire-wheel brush in a drill. Whenever I get rust on my 66 year old cast iron table saw top I use WD-40 & a piece of fine grit (300) emery paper.

How To Maintain Cast Iron Table Tool Surfaces

I have a two year old Sawstop table saw that has some marks on the surface that I would like to remove. I was thinking of using Rotex 125 with a Vlies A280 grit abrasive to renew the surface and remove all the marks. It has solved my cast iron rust issues on my Table Saw, Drill Press table, Jointer/Planer, both Bandsaws, and my Lathe bed. Homemade electrolytic rust removal setup constructed from a plastic bucket and lengths of rebar. If your table saw has a cast iron top even the slightest amount of moisture contacting it can l. Removing heavy rust from table saw top. Does the cast iron have heavy surface oxidation or has the matrix been compromised, ex, pitting? The most difficult tools to keep rust-free are the machines, especially my Unisaw for some reason. The cast iron in my old Powermatic jointer is almost impervious to rust, and I don t have.

First option would be to remove the table and dunk it in an electrolysis tank. Summary: you don’t need to take a belt sander to a cast iron table saw to get surface rust off. even a random orbit sander is basking in the adventurous category. I’ve heard of people using beeswax on cast iron, so that might be an option. Even with that double treatment, my saw top started to show light rust in one place after just barely 2 months.