Cast Iron Table Saw Wax (DIY Project Download)

Let the wax sit for a few minutes then wipe it off. Wax on wax off. I’ve just cleaned up a Craftsman 10 table saw. I’ve heard of people using beeswax on cast iron, so that might be an option. Do I need to be concerned about wax applied to the table surface rubbing off on workpieces, possibly causing finishing problems? Does a wax coating last, and does it provide adequate protection against corrosion?. So i just got a new Sawstop table saw and I really want to take care of the surface right from the start.

cast iron table saw wax 2I’ve used nothing but Johnson’s paste wax for any application requiring a wax overcoat, whether as a finish on wood or protection on machinery. I use it to protect my cast iron (table saw, band saw, jointer, lathebed etc) and no rust in 15 yrs on most of the above (the jointer is new). I need help with my cast iron table saw bed. Is it common for a bed to have what looks like milling marks radiating from the center out to the edge of the bed? I used OSPHO to remove the rust but it left a hard residue. I live on the wet coast and rust is a given. What can I say? Wax on. Wax off. Then I use an automotive paste wax to protect it and keep the wood sliding across smoothly. Whenever I get rust on my 66 year old cast iron table saw top I use WD-40 & a piece of fine grit (300) emery paper.

Once the rust is gone, I put at least three coats of Johnsons Paste Wax on the cast iron, and then if I’m leaving for any length of time (like my six-week work schedules in Nigeria), I overspray with Boeshield T-9 spray, and don’t buff it off. The cast iron table-tops found on most quality table saws and band saws are prone to rust damage. Applying Wax to Saw Table – (c) 2007 Chris Baylor licensed to About. Everything from the cast iron top of a table saw to the delicate edges of planes and chisels will eventually fall victim to the relentless assault of the elements. On the other hand, a coat of wax on bare metal does nothing but make the surface slicker.

Paste Wax For Table Saw Top

A quick guide showing how to get your cast iron machine tables rust-free & looking like new. I use Liberon lubricating wax, it helps prevents corrosion and rust, keeps the table smooth so timber slides along it easily and it s silicon free. I just bough an old table saw. And also covered the table saw top with the same wax. Haven’t used the Blade and Bit, but the Rust Free and the T-9 fixed up a spots on the cast iron table saw top nicely. How to protect a table saw top. I usually coat the cast iron tops of all the machines about once a year, depending on how much they get used. Removing Rust from Cast Iron Table Tops Like Table Saws, Router Tables and Other Woodworking Equipment. A clean and waxed cast iron table top is smoother than a baby’s bottom. I have a Rigid 4512 table saw with a cast iron table that I can’t keep from rusting. I use Johnsons furniture wax, but after a couple days use, the cast iron starts rusting. The best way to keep rust off your table saw is lots of use. Cast iron that sees heavy use doesn’t rust and the shine is terrific. Paste wax application will make the goods slide right across.

Polishing A Sawstop Table Saw Top

I tried Rennaissance wax on my Delta saw when I got it, and that stuff’s just too fine and thin. I coat the cast iron with WD40 and use progressive grits starting around 400 grit through about 1500grit. I see a lot of posts from cast iron table saw guys like owners of the Ridgid TS3650 talking about waxing the table for protection of the table, and to help material slide more easily over the table top. I personally use a coat of paste wax on all my cast iron tools. It also prevents rusting on cast iron and steel from those inevitable sweat drips or damp air.