Cat Litter Box Cover (DIY Project Download)

The Modern Cat Designs Hider Cat Litter Box is an excellent cat litter box for the cats at your home. Shop outside the big box, with unique items for litter box furniture from thousands of independent designers and vintage collectors on Etsy. Kitty Litter Box Cover Cabinet- litter box cover. I’m one of those visitors that cat owners probably dread: I can smell a litter box a block away, and I’m not charmed by a cat doing its business in plain sight of the dinner table.

cat litter box cover 2Browse the latest litter box enclosures for your cat. With a wide range of options for spaces large and small, you can give her safe, comfortable place to go. Mr. Herzher’s Cat Litter Box Cover. 3.0. This Old House came up with a great curtained concept for hiding the litter box that also allows your cat to make a grand entrance. Or exit, as the case may be! With our Premier Litter Box Enclosure, your cat will appreciate theirs as well. Nice change of pace visually compared to plastic litter box and cover. all 4 cats used it readily.

Build a cat litterbox that can be placed anywhere in your home. Once you have the concept down, you’ll need to go shopping for materials. We found the kind of storage cabinet we wanted for this project, took measurements at the store, then went hunting for a plastic container to serve as a litter tray. Mr. Herzher’S-Wicker Litter Box Cover. cover a large dog crate w/ a skirt and a finished piece of glass to make a duel-purposed table. Cat Litter Cover – How cute! There’s no shame in having a cat that poops. It’s only natural, after all. But as a proud homeowner, you may not care for your guests to recognize your pet’s natural behavior the instant they walk through your door and spot kitty’s litter box.

Cat Litter Box Enclosures

cat litter box hider 3Our Litter Box Hider is sure to be a hit with your fashion conscious kitty! This designer kitty box is built with high quality materials from top to bottom. Each box features polished chrome accents and a durable, high pressure laminate finish protecting it in the event of spills.

Cat Litterbox