Cat Litter Box Dresser (DIY Project Download)

See how a Redditor recycled a dresser into an awesome way to hide her cat’s litter box. Since we have cats, and we also foster kittens, we needed to add litter boxes around the house. You might have to work with a small dresser instead of a nightstand, but it could be done. An old cabinet or small dresser-Check DiggersList, a local Habitat ReStore, or your neighborhood garage sale. Kitty litter cabinet. Since the litter box is higher up, it’s also easier to clean out.

cat litter box dresser 2Hide your cat’s litter box perfectly with this hider in the most versatile, white finish. Unusually Lovely Turn an old dresser into a cabinet for the litter box. I have a big old cat with an unsightly litter box in my downstairs shower stall. And to think I have been looking on ebay to purchase a litter box cabinet,, I love this idea, and what a great job you did!!! cant wait to find an old dresser and get started,, I just hate looking at a litter box! The old litter box was placed in the dresser as well, so that cats could adjust to the new situation.

It’s the sweetest cat you’ve ever seen unless you leave a dresser open. My cat has been using her enclosed completely dark litter box for quite some time now and we’ve never had any issues with her missing (the box doesn’t take up the whole space). This is a pretty neat before and after from the Unusually Lovely blog. I don’t think I would convert an entire dresser into a hidden kitty litter box unit but there’s a ton of other smaller ideas in this round up that are just perfect! I love the old trunk idea, seems like a perfect way to hide the box and have a nice decor piece. Le Dresser details the faux appearance of a high gloss black dresser embellished with silver and grey molding. Treat your cat to a litter box makeover and take away the eyesore of that necessary box in your home, and ake your cat’s daily visit to the litter box something less ordinary!.

Furniture Cat Litter Box Cabinet

An average side table that opens to hide a litter box may cost 100. The basic component of a hidden cat box is a cabinet, dresser, or other medium-scale storage piece. An old dresser made into a cat litter box storage area. Shop outside the big box, with unique items for cat litter box from thousands of independent designers and vintage collectors on Etsy. Antique Dresser Cat Litter Box – the ‘Beatrice’ model. Crystal Gregory of Modernist Cat has been taking the litterbox to the next level since 2009. The arrangement that worked best for us is a cabinet with no legs placed on top of a dresser. Here are 14 ways to hide your cat’s litter box from everyone but the kitty cat! PAX wardrobe + cat door hidden litter box. Boom. Love this! My husband did something similar a DIY litterbox from an IKEA dresser.

My Wife And I Converted A Recycled Dresser Into A Secret Kitten Litter Box

It was only 45 bucks and seemed like a good size for a litter box. So we bought an old dresser from a recycling center and turned it into a one-stop shop for cat crap. Posh Puppy Boutique is a shop for designer dog clothes and accessories – Le Dresser Kitty Litter Box Cover puppy Cat Corner, pet toys, collars, luxurious carriers, treats, stunning bowls, diaper, belly bands, fancy id tags, harnesses, unique apparel.