Cd Storage Tray Drawer Inserts (DIY Project Download)

I’d like to turn an old chest of drawers into somewhere to store my cd’s and dvd’s. I’m looking for some sort of inserts (its hard searching when you cant find the right terminology) to put in the drawers. Either on the bottom so you can flick through them, or a side rack. Storage Rail DVD Organizer for Drawers. Arrange Blue-Rays, DVD’s, Cassettes, Video Games and more with Rev-A-Shelf’s flexible storage rails. The 370 Series is made of durable black polystyrene that affixes to any drawer bottom or shelf surface. 2 Drawers w/CD/DVD Storage, Magazine Rack on Back, Pull-Out Tray with Cup Holder and Remote Control Slot. Length 21.75.

cd storage tray drawer inserts 2I have two plastic drawers in a larger unit devoted to CDs and their inserts. They fit two across and about 150 deep. Media Holders from Lee Valley Tools (Auto-Eject Holders, Cassette/CD Holders, CD Rails, CD Drawer, CD Clip Holder, CD Insert Shelf, DVD Flip Rails, Shelf Dividers, Swivelling CD Holders). Drawer organizer dividers from wallet cardsby 3leftturns.

I turned an old computer dvd drive into storage. its a good use of an old drive, and it’s a great hiding spot. Take apart the entire drive. you’ll only need the outer metal case, the cd tray, the thing the tray slides in, and the faceplate. dremel off the front of the piece the tray slides in, and cut a big rectangle into the cd tray. Or, I guess, you could just insert a pin in that tiny hole;. Brandon and I love that the sleeves can hold the booklet and the tray card, leaving the spine with the artist and album title visible for easy browsing. We’re storing all of our CDs, DVDs, and video games (we have a lot of media) in three hopen drawer units in Brandon’s office. Do they have a spot for both the front and back inserts? CD box. High-quality, sturdy CD box for up to 26 CDs ( jewel case ) or 80 CDs ( CD trays ) incl. 5 CD trays.

Storage For Cd Collection

argos bedframe 3Hello folks, I am in the process of making a small unit to store CD’s in and am wondering if anyone can tell me where. Available in -drawer & 5 drawer Modular Units; Lockable; Adaptable to store most tape 7 disk requirements: CD, 3480/3490E/3590, DLT, 4mm, 8mm, Magstar (3570), etc. 5-drawer storage unit c/w FP189 Inserts. 400 (80/drawer). FP963. Perspex Tray (10 trays per drawer). 10 per tray. Flipworks Cd/dvd/vhs/blu-ray Multimedia Storage Pull Out Flipfile Tray. I have the booklets and tray cards in the sleeves and house them all in 24 6x6x3 open top boxes on a half of a 6’x3’x3 wire shelf. To store his CDs, he opted to purchase a yard sale chest of drawers and several cases of paper CD envelopes. The back insert sticks out of the sleeve so I can identify it when stored in a box. We put all the booklets into 8 leather looking cd storage boxes for display and the hard copies just sit taking up space in the attic waiting for the next moving day when they’ll be touched again. Use one of the following sections, depending on if the drive tray drawer is stuck in the closed position, or the open position. If the door still does not open, insert the end of a straightened paper clip into the manual eject hole on the front of the drive.

Dvd Drive Hidden Storage