Cedar Bedding For Rabbits (DIY Project Download)

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Cedar Shavings have taken a bad rap, yet some of the bad press might be valid. Or not? Is cedar toxic? Decide for yourself about cedar bedding. In fact, pet stores will often display rabbits in a cage with cedar shavings as bedding. A rabbit exposed to cedar fumes can develop respiratory problems and, worse, develop kidney disease and failure leading to death. I went to the store to buy the bedding that I usually use for my rabbit the other day, but they didn’t have it. All they had was cedar and pine.

cedar bedding for rabbits 2Article proving softwood or pine shavings are safe to use with rabbits. I’m sorry guys, I can’t remember..is aspen or cedar chip bedding okay for bunnies? I want to use something to keep Fiver’s heels off the Good Mews litter (which is hard on his sore feet) and I want to get away from Carefresh. Hey all, I was wondering if pine bedding is safe for rabbits-if not what is?! I have rabbits and am looking for something safe to use when at a the. Cedar should be avoided (although it smells so good).

Can I house My rabbits in a cedar shed? I have always heard that you should not use cedar bedding but nothing on cedar housing. Are pine shavings okay for a rabbit hutch? I prefer to use Aspen bedding, or Paper bedding in their coop, but I do use pine in their litter box as its cheaper and I dump the litter box almost daily Cedar is what you NEVER want to use!!!!!!!!!!!!. There is strong scientific evidence that pine and cedar shavings are harmful to the health of rodents. However, The House Rabbit Journal (13) reported that several pet rabbits also showed elevated liver enzyme levels when softwood shavings were used in their litter boxes.

Rabbits And Cedar?

cedar bedding for rabbits 3Most rat and mouse people know to avoid cedar shavings. Invariably, either cedar or pine shavings had been used with all of these rabbits. As far as possible connections with rats and mice go, it is important to realize that without blood work, a liver biopsy, or an autopsy, it is difficult to diagnose liver disease. Training a rabbit to use a litter box is quite easy and often rescues Thumper from being relegated to the backyard. Over the years, we have come to know that there may be health risks associated with prolonged use of pine and cedar shavings – and neither is very absorbent as a litter – so we encourage you to try one of the many new litters designed for use with rabbits. Rabbits require a comfortable cage or other escape-proof enclosure free from hazards such as electrical wires, poisonous plants and predatory pets such as cats and dogs. Pine and cedar shavings are not suitable for use as bedding or litter for rabbits or other small pets. Cedar and pine bedding became popular among small animals because the wood shavings controlled odor and naturally repelled bugs. I have been raising rabbits and guinea pigs since I was a child and have never had any of them have any of the illnesses mentioned. Although domestic rabbits make great companions, they are delicate animals and require special care. Aromatic oils in cedar bedding have been shown to have adverse health effects on small pets. What’s the difference between rabbit litter and bunny bedding? Why is sawdust so bad for rabbits? What’s good for indoor AND outdoor rabbit beds?.

Rabbits And Cedar?

Drs. Foster & Smith Aspen Bedding for Small Pets: Highly-absorbent Aspen keeps your pet’s cage smelling clean – with no aromatic oils. Is Aspen Bedding safe for a rabbit to chew and digest? Stay away from litters made from softwoods, like pine or cedar shavings or chips, as these products are thought to cause liver damage in rabbits who use them. It is widely believed that cedar shavings negatively affect the health of animals. She theorized that for rabbits, early liver disease may be related to bedding on pine shavings. Providing your rabbit with a comfortable. Owners should avoid using cedar or pine bedding because the strong odors can present respiratory discomfort for some rabbits.

I’m offering this as a resource for new rabbit owners, and I hope it helps. Rabbits enjoy digging, so be sure to provide lots of clean bedding. Line the cage with a minimum of 3-4 (7-10cm) of bedding. Cedar shavings are not recommended for small pets. Bedding should be spot cleaned weekly and completely changed every other week. Keep in mind the following as you choose your litter: -most rabbits spend lots of time in their litter boxes -rabbits will always nibble some of the litter -long haired rabbits Pellets – Good quality rabbit pellets may be offered daily to adult rabbits, but only in limited quantities.