Cedar Blocks For Dresser Drawers (DIY Project Download)

Slip these larger-than-usual Cedar Blocks into pockets, boots, drawers, or storage boxes to naturally discourage pests, mildew, and odors. Renew the potency of your Cedar Blocks annually by gently sanding the surface with fine sandpaper – more frequently if the fragrance fades. Place these small, fresh-smelling, chemical-free cedar blocks anywhere you keep fine clothing to absorb moisture and repel insects. Free shipping on orders over 49. Lavender Aromatic Cedar Blocks from Woodlore is ideal for placement in dresser drawers, storage containers or others areas where fabrics are stored.

cedar blocks for dresser drawers 2Tucked into closet corners, dresser drawers, closet shelves, or clothing storage containers, these Essential Cedar Blocks protect fine fabrics from the harm of moths and other insects. 40pcs Natural Cedar Wood Moth Balls Hangers Blocks Repellent Wardrobe Drawer. Tucked into dresser drawers, storage containers or luggage, our cedar blocks protect fine fabrics from harmful moths and other insects with a fresh scent. Tucked into dresser drawers, storage containers or luggage, our cedar blocks protect fine fabrics from harmful moths and other insects with a fresh scent.

And when your closets and drawers are well organized, you’ll find you wear more of your clothes more often. These strategies will help you organize your dresser drawers. Sweater Drawer: Use a deep drawer for sweaters — never hang knits — and place cedar blocks inside to fend off moths. We have cedar blocks in our closets and chest of drawers. Once it’s done, those little moths sneak in lay eggs then the eggs hatch and eat where they were laid, all you can do is sew an applique over the holes Then go to the hardware store and buy interlocking planks of cedar wood to put on your closet floor and walls, they also have green moth proof storage bags, and little Cedar bags to hang on the clothes hangers, and blocks of cedar to put in the dresser drawers. I was wondering what everybody used to make their clothes drawers smell consistent and great. Or get/make a dresser with cedar drawers. I’m assuming the blocks would have to be sanded as well to release the oils?

Essential Cedar Blocks

how to make a guitar out of a cigar box 3These aromatic cedar block s are solid wood. Cedar is known world wide for its home qualities in organic bug removal & retardation of moths. The only way to block the characteristic scent of cedar is to seal it behind an interior coating. For best results, apply three thin coats of wax to the exterior and interior surfaces of all the drawers and all of the interior structure of the dresser. Moth Balls Alternative: Cedar Balls, Blocks, and Cubes. Eastern red cedar is a natural, highly effective alternative to harsh chemical moth balls. Cedar storage offers drawer liners and dividers for dressers, bureaus. and cabinets. Cedar is a natural cloth protector making these cedar blocks for moths ideal for placement in linen closets, storage bins, dresser drawers or closet shelves. They also provide a safer solution than cedar blocks which have oil that can transfer and stain fabrics. In the dresser, I get the top two drawers, separated into sweaters and turtlenecks/long-sleeved knits, and my husband gets the next two.

Organizing Closets And Drawers

I have made many dresser drawers with cedar bottoms. Cedar Blocks – 6-Pack at Sierra Trading Post. ‘s cedar blocks are an all-natural way to protect fabric! Good for drawers, closets, garment bags, dressers. It is much safer to simply not use the dresser drawers. Safe for all fabrics and non-staining, this solid cedar block provides the lasting, natural protection you need to care for your home and everything in it. Bring the freshness and protection of cedar to any dresser, chest, or drawer with this 100 real cedar wood veneer.

So, we inherited an antique bedroom set and a cedar chest from DHs great Aunts estate.