Cedar Closet Advantages (DIY Project Download)

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March 19, 2007 How Valuable Are Cedar Closets For Protecting Your Clothes? By Michael D. Interestingly, cedarwood oil was initially registered in 1960 as a pesticide to repel moths from clothing. A cedar closet is a closet constructed of or paneled with cedar wood. It’s often used to repel bugs and mold but only works if. How would you like to have an old-fashioned, aromatic cedar closet in your new home?Just the thought of it brings back fond memories of my own mother’s fragrant cedar chest.

cedar closet advantages 2Perhaps both of these chemicals pose more risks than benefits to our health. I’m curious about placing cedar wood inside closets. I have seen entire walls inside a closet of cedar wood and have heard that this prevents moths from destroying clothes and keeps clothes from smelling bad over time. The history, origins, efficacy, and benefits of cedar.

Cedar Products offer natural protection against damage from moths, mildew and mustiness. A cedar closet will repel adult moths from entering that space to lay eggs but it has no effect on eggs or larvae that are already there. Cedar furniture will also feature the distinct cedar aroma that will last for years, and when built into closets and dressers, cedar can help prevent bug infestations without the use of more hazardous chemicals such as moth balls. (This is why cedar closets are great for storing clothes). We can thank the presence of substances in cedar that are toxic to a number of wood-rotting fungi for this benefit.

Moth Control Cedar Closets

cedar closet advantages 3Here is the project: A Cedar lined storage room/closet in the basement. Instead of using expensive cedar oil or cedar blocks, consider lining your closets with real wood. It’s a worthwhile investment that will provide the many benefits of aromatic cedar and last indefinitely. There are many advantages of using cedar lumber. While cedar lumber costs more than many other woods it can make the extra cost worth it. Our Cedar Drawer Liners can be used in drawers, sweater boxes, chests, and garment bags to protect clothing and other textiles. EXPLORE: TCS CLOSETS. Benefits of Cedar Mulch. Anyone who has a cedar closet or dresser drawers lined with cedar knows that cedar has pesticide properties and may keep certain types of insects away from plants. The majority of domestic cedar lumber used nationally originates from three varieties, Western Red cedar, Northern White cedar and aromatic. Aromatic cedar is commonly used to line closets, chests and other spaces that benefit from its clean, crisp scent.

Storing Clothes

Additionally, cedar lined closets repel cloth eating insects. Cedar planks are easy to install yourself or can be part of your closet redesign implemented by your carpenter. Today we’d like to take a moment and share a great article about the benefits of cedar closets! Americans are opening the door a little broader on cedar cabinets. Cedarbrook home sauna kits include a lot of sauna accessories! There are closet-sized sauna kits (3’x5′) and even one person infrared sauna tents. Repellant to insects as a cedar closet. Depend on cedar’s natural oils to send bugs to dinner elsewhere. From core to surface, cedar is clearly protected by nature.

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