Cedar For Closet Walls (DIY Project Download)

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Industrial Pipe Closet System -just like this minus the cedar wall- using salvaged boards for the shelves and vintage wire locker baskets to hold the small things. Basement cedar closets built against foundation walls need to include high quality vapor barriers. You do not want the cedar or wood framing to come into contact with the bare concrete walls. To use cedar to its fullest, you should line a whole closet with it.

cedar for closet walls 2You don’t have to line the entire closet for the cedar to be effective, but the more cedar the better. Lining the three interior walls is typical, but you might also consider continuing the coverage on the back of the door and on the ceiling. Aromatic Eastern Red Cedar Closet Liner Tongue and Groove Planks, 35 sq. ft. Use a battery-operated or electric stud finder to locate the studs behind the closet walls and mark the center of each as closely as possible using a pencil.

Houzz.com – Cedar Closet design ideas and photos. Small cedar closet in basement tclatfelter. LINING a closet with aromatic cedar strips is an easy and worthwhile project for any homeowner to undertake. So measure the height and width of the four walls (include the door) and the length and width of the ceiling. Drywalling is going to be the most fool-proof. Wallpapering over the existing cedar is a recipe for long-term disaster. If you’re investing in an expensive custom closet, strip everything back to stud, drywall and give your new closet the best foundation to build on.


cedar for closet walls 3Cedar closets remain popular for a number of reasons, among them the supposed ability of cedar to repel moths. The first step in lining a closet is to find the wall studs and joists in the ceiling and floor. Step 3: With the walls dry, we grabbed our dust masks and goggles (strongly recommended!) to sand the walls and ceiling with fine-grit sanding blocks. To bring back the cedar aroma, vacuum closet walls. Lightly sand the walls with medium sandpaper to open new cedar pores and to allow the cedar oils to start to evaporate again. A good way to repel insects from damaging clothes stored away in a closet is by lining the closet walls with cedar planks. While cedar is not foolproof protection against moths, the oil in the material deters insects, making the closet a safer storage area than one with ordinary wallboard. Upgrading an existing closet to a cedar closet is an ideal home improvement project because it adds value to your home, has immediate benefits, and is within the capabilities of most do-it-yourselfers and the cost is reasonable. To install cedar planks on the walls of an existing closet, start by locating the studs with an electronic stud finder. I will have to put some ceramic on the walls for the shower, will it look busy with the wood paneling?. We have cedar closets and were considering painting them white.

A Cedar Closet Comes Together In A Snap