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Academic Affairs. One’s role in the department changes when one takes on the chair; even though our departments are small, the power of chairs is limited, and faculty tend to rotate through the position. It has been a daunting task to list in this publication all the things a department chair does-the list is long. The level of support required to create a chair needs to cover the full cost of the position for a minimum defined period. As the principal donor of an academic chair, you will have naming opportunities that allow you to establish the chair in your name, or to honour your family or another significant person. One professor or chair can touch hundreds of lives through the courses they teach, the students they mentor, or through their own academic work. Having endowed faculty means students get to rub elbows with the most talented scholars in the world.

chair definition academic 2The title of reader in the United Kingdom and some universities in the Commonwealth of Nations, for example India, Australia and New Zealand, denotes an appointment for a senior academic with a distinguished international reputation in research or scholarship. A reader could be seen as a professor without a chair, similar to the distinction between professor extraordinarius and professor ordinarius at some European universities, professor and chaired professor in Hong Kong and professor name (or associate professor) and chaired professor in Ireland. Titles of Distinction. Endowed Chair. Definition: An endowed chair is a perquisite, not including base salary for the academic year, supported by income from an endowed fund established by gift or gifts from private sources. Academic ranks in the United Kingdom are the titles, relative importance and power of professors, researchers, and administrative personnel held in academia. An established chair is established by the university to meet its needs for academic leadership and standing in a particular area or discipline and the post is filled from a shortlist of applicants; only a suitably qualified person will be appointed.

Chairs and division directors website, prepared by the Dean of Academic Affairs at American University in Washington, DC. AAUP’s purpose is to advance academic freedom and shared governance, to define fundamental professional values and standards for higher education, and to ensure higher education’s contribution to the common good. 245B-4 Definition. Graduate group chair–a faculty member who serves as the academic leader and administrative head of a graduate group, assuming certain duties equivalent to a department chair under Section APM-245 as an equivalent officer. The three academic departments represent UNESCO-IHE’s main themes, which reflect today’s global water challenges: safe drinking water & sanitation, water-related hazards & climate change, ecosystems quality, water, food & energy security, water management & governance, information & knowledge systems. Each Chair Group is led by a professor who holds a chair in a defined academic field and is responsible for the quality of the work of his or her staff.

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Each academic department is composed of chair groups, each of which is formed around a particular discipline or specialization. Each chair group is led by a professor who holds a chair in a defined academic field and is responsible for the quality of the work of his or her staff.

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