Chair Spreader Tool (DIY Project Download)

Click Here to download a PDF version of Spreader Tool Operating Instructions below. Chair Care Patio furniture repair makes it easy for anyone to replace the slings on their outdoor patio chairs. The spreader tool offered by Chair Care Patio furniture repair allows our customers to effortlessly reinstall stubborn spreader bars back into the chair frames. Sling Replacement Spreader Bar Tool. Irwin Quick Grip Spreader & Clamp Bar Tool Used for various replacement sling installations and much more! 24. I can’t believe how much easier it is to place the spreader bars with this tool. With this tool each chair took less than 30 minutes start to finish. This is a must have for sling replacement.

chair spreader tool 2Just 2 screws on each side attach this to the chair base. The small spreader tool is ideal for the home-owner who will be doing a small one or two time sling installation. The small spreader tool is simple and easy to use and relies on a double-thread system that works against each other as the center pipe is turned. The pipe spreader tool has been in use for more than 20 years and is ideal for sling installation on a commercial level. The pipe spreader uses leverage, requiring the user to apply weight on the handle, in order to spread.

This is our spreader tool, to replace the spreader bars and releive the tension to aid in replacing the screws. Measure where sling rails are bolted to the chair frame from inside of the track on one side to the inside of the track on the other side. Rent Our Spreader Tool to Make Sling Replacement Easier. A lever-action spreader device that is adjustable for use with just about any sling chair rail type. A spreader bar is normally required if your sling rails attach outside (or beyond) the frame supports.

Don’t Try To Replace Your Patio Furniture Slings

Removing hardware (from one rail) and spreader bar(s). I will admit it was somewhat of a pain in the ass to replace them, I had to make a spreader tool for my chairs. But they came out looking like new. A homeowner installing slings can duplicate the intent of special spreader bar tools by cutting a 2×4 so that the two pieces end-to-end are just larger than the inside width of the sling rails. Here’s a step by step guide to seating sling replacement in a patio chair. Effortlessly re-install stubborn spreader bars back into chair frames with the Spreader Bar Tool from The Living Quarters. The tool operates on two threads working against each other when turning the center tube. See more about Patio Chairs, Patio and Vinyls. You were wondering about unique tools for this kind of work? Many people do! One of the most common problems during a typical sling chair installation is not being able to reinstall the spreader bars into the chair frame after installing a new sling,The spreader tool offered by Chair Care Patio Furniture Repair allows our customers to effortlessly reinstall stubborn spreader bars back into the chair frames.

Spreader Tool

RELEASABLE FASTENER FOR ATTACH ING CHAIRS TO FLOORS This invention relatesto releasable fasteners for attaching upstanding members to a base and particularly to an easily releasable fastener for securely attaching air craft seats to the floor of the plane. 3 and showing a spreader tool in operative position. Need to re-install my richard schultz 1966 collection chair lounge sling as it keeps popping out of the aluminum frame. Replacement Sling Cover for Patio Furniture Video is a great instructional video on how to replace the fabric in a sling-back deck chair. In our Patio Furniture Parts section, you can find replacement parts to repair your outdoor patio furniture.