Cheap Cabinet Liners (DIY Project Download)

This is a guide about drawer and shelf liner ideas. There are many products that can be used to line drawers and shelves, in addition to those sold for this purpose. You can find inexpensive (read cheap:) shelf liner and contact paper at the dollar stores. You can also cut up old bed sheets to fit the drawers, or use tea towels. For ourselves, we love the heavy duty ribbed plastic liners. Where can I find good-looking, non-hideous shelf-liner paper? Cushion vinyl or Fibrefloor vinyl products work great for shelf liner.

cheap cabinet liners 2Vinyl liners are non-adhesive and protect against slips. Easy to install, simply cut with scissors to the desired size. Read the Cabinets-Liner or Not discussion from the Chowhound food community. When was the last time you changed those shelf liners? Or maybe you don’t have any at all. Laying down a fresh nonstick liner will give you an opportunity to take everything out of your cabinets (and put them back in an organized way), and clean the cabinet or drawer so you start out fresh.

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Drawer And Shelf Liner Ideas