Cherry Bomber Box Mod Clone Review (DIY Project Download)

Smok H-Priv Kit Review and giveaway! DO NOT BUY THE WOODEN CHERRY BOMBER BOX MOD ON EBAY! Tried to unscrew the atomizer, it was too hot. after about 30-40 seconds i knew i had to do something quick which was to smash the box to get the batteries out. I’ve found that pretty much any Cherry Bomber clone is unsafe. The Cherry Bomber is a dual 18650 mechanical box mod made from lightweight aluminum and covered with beautiful engravings. It is correct that there is no identification for which side the battery goes in YET if you watch ANY of the reviews on youtube about it then you know that both batteries are installed with the positive ends facing up (to the top of the mod; do not crank down the negative screws, just a light snugging will do). FYI: I am using a Lethal clone atty with a.38 ohm clapton, 5 wraps on a philips 0-2 silver handle screwdriver. Prev Dr. Crimmy’s Fruity Rings E-Liquid Review. Just so that you know. For the FUhattans that you linked are actually a clone of a clone.

cherry bomber box mod clone review 2CHERRY BOMBER BOX MOD (Unname Clone) – YouTube (box mod) Cherry Bomber:,,. Review of the Cherry Bomber Mechanical box mod featuring dual parallel 18650 batteries, lightweight aluminum body, and a brass firing button. The CHERRY BOMBER Style Box Mod is the first mechanical box mod that can be completely disassembled for easy cleaning and maintenance! The Cherry Bomber is made from lightweight aluminum and covere. The package box of the Cherry Bomber Wood Clone. Adamantium X Style Mechanical Box Mod Unboxing ReviewJuly 30, 2015In Mod & APV.

Hello all, I have decided that the next mod I want to try is a mech box mod and after a bit of research, have stumbled across both the Dimitri clone and the Cherry bomber clone by IVOGO. I’ve got a full copper Cherry Bomber clone, which is really heavy, way heavier than the Dimitri. Since I dropped the Cherry Bomber I picked up an Ivogo Osmium, I rounded the entire outside and took off the recessed area the logo medallion was in because I was bored one night and now I’m using it every single day without issue, despite numerous bad reviews on FT. CHERRY BOMBER mechanical box mod Clone 510 Connector fit dual 18650 Battery for 510 RDA Atomizer Magnetic switch aluminum box nazya. Cigreen Cherry Bomber Mini Mechanical Box Mod Clone (Buy 1 Get 1 Free). Purchase this product and earn 26 Rider Points!Earn up to 26 Rider Points.

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