Cherry Bomber Box Mod Review (DIY Project Download)

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The authentic cherry bomber is like 250 and the clone is around 40 so im wondering if anybody knows if the clone is the same quality as the authentic. A couple notes, the mod hits pretty decently out of the box. Ive been doin sum research and i kinda wanna try the plume veil or something that has a lot of good reviews. To start, just let me say I realy love this mod. engravings ar very well done. deep and clean. machining is well done but a few minor flaws if held upto the light. Probably the best deal for a IVOGO Cherry Bomber Styled Mechanical Box Mod 2 18650 / aluminum / silver USD 20.

cherry bomber box mod review 2The Cherry Bomber Mod lives up to its name. I do want to buy at least one unregulated box mod for the tech geek in me to play with. I got my batteries and went home to watch a movie with my girlfriend. I set up the mod with my plume veil and we proceeded to watch the movie. The Mini Cherry Bomber mod is a one of the newest mini mods to be on the market. One of the things that I have to note in a Mini Cherry Bomber Mod review is that this mod can be used with one 18650 battery. A fully mechanical mod features a tube/box that has space for a battery.

Ok hoping some of you have the cherry bomber mod that can help me with this. I don’t review mods online and have zero loyalties to any company. That said, few mechanical box mods are designed as well as the CB. The Cherry Bomber is a dual 18650 mechanical box mod made from lightweight aluminum and covered with beautiful engravings. It is correct that there is no identification for which side the battery goes in YET if you watch ANY of the reviews on youtube about it then you know that both batteries are installed with the positive ends facing up (to the top of the mod; do not crank down the negative screws, just a light snugging will do). Thanks to the guys at Vapeling for sending this over for review. The Cherry Bomber, to look at, is a real stunning device. Made from a high grade durable metal construction the Cherry bomber is going to survive and drop or knock.

The Cherry Bomber Mod Lives Up To Its Name. (dangerous

cherry bomber box mod review 3Cherry Bomber V2 Dual 18650 Series & Parallel Switch Box Mod for sale best price and Directly Ships From USA. Find and buy Cherry Bomber Box Mod Clone from We offer a wide selection of e-cigarette brands, models, liquids and accessories at the best prices. Cherry bomber box meca MCV philippines. Placez ici vos reviews vid os. Product Description Advanced Vapors 808, LLC is proud to present another jewel from Masterpiece Custom Vapes! The CHERRY BOMBER Fully Mechanical Box Mod by MCV. Customer Reviews. Based on 3 reviews Write a review. The CHERRY BOMBER Style Box Mod is the first mechanical box mod that can be completely disassembled for easy cleaning and maintenance! The Cherry Bomber is made from lightweight aluminum and covere. Tags: Acrylic, Bomber, Cherry, cherry bomber box, cherry bomber box mod, cherry bomber mech box, cherry bomber mod, Clear.

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Cherry Bomber clone box mod. Discussion in ‘Everything ECigs’ started by chris991, Apr 4, 2015. The Cherry Bomber mod is a billet alloy, dual 18650 mechanical mod, it features a magnet retained sliding battery cover, locking brass firing button and all copper connections. If you want to check out the Cherry Bomber mechanical box mod for a mere fraction of the cost of the authentic, this clone may be what you’re looking for. Here’s a review of the authentic Cherry Bomber mechanical box mod by Convicted Vapes:.