Chest Freezer In Closet (DIY Project Download)

I have a chest freezer that I would like to put in a closet in my basement. I will need to run a new circuit for this and would like to know if there. We’re getting our basement finished, and I’m having the builders build out a closet that will be large enough to put in a chest freezer (much like the Haier HCM071LC 7. In our closet! That’s right, any time we want to add something to our chest freezer, we walk it out of the kitchen, through the living room, into the bedroom, through the bathroom and finally, into our closet.

chest freezer in closet 2I have a small chest freezer currently in my basement. Do you thihnk I could actually put it in a spare bedroom closet? Or am I bat kitten crazy? I really want more freezer space for grassfed meats and things like that. If you’re taking the door off it’s hinges, I wouldn’t worry about it – lots of people put refrigerators and upright freezers into mostly-enclosed cubbies. I’m moving and finally have room to get a chest freezer to ferment in. SWMBO is adamant about hiding the freezer and we have an extra closet so I.

That meant finally getting a chest freezer to put it in. Stash your chest freezer in a closet. If you have extra room in your closet, and there’s an electrical outlet handy, you can store your chest freezer. This storage location keeps the chest freezer out of the way, yet still allows it to sit in a temperature-controlled environment. Where to install the freezer should be decided before purchasing. These tips can help you find the right spot for convenience and energy savings.

Where Should I Put My Chest Freezer?

We want to get a chest freezer so we can stock up on food; particularly buy half a cow for the year! It would be so much cheaper. bluestriped bee: other than our walk in closet, no. Before Matthew went to his car, I had him tie me up in that closet. See more about Chest Freezer, Freezers and Wallpapers. It is also the answer for larger spaces where there is no closet to hide shoes or for people who simply like order in their lives. I’ve been reading a lot on the closet vs fridge cellaring opinions and know people are split. I bought a large chest freezer and control the temp with a digital thermostat. Choosing an upright freezer should be dependent on your specific needs and energy savings. Having the space, whether it is in a cubby off the kitchen or an accessible closet, is necessary for proper freezer function. Choose a chest freezer or an upright freezer depending on the size of family, the amount and types of food you plan to freeze using this Home Depot buying guide.

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