Chicken Coop Cleaning Schedule (DIY Project Download)

I clean my chicken run once per week which takes 5 minutes. Have a schedule to do it in the early afternoon. Coop cleaning doesn’t happen on any real schedule, instead I use my eyes and nose to let me know when it’s time -even a hint of any whiff of ammonia smell and it’s definitely time. (And did you know that bleach can mix with the ammonia in chicken poop and create toxic fumes? So always use vinegar, not bleach, for cleaning. Want to clean your chicken coop, but don’t want to use bleach? How crazy timely! I just got home from a work trip and decided to tackle the delinquent coop on my property! Cut holes in the walls for windows and everything! Since we don’t really have a winter I am only limited on starting my new flock by my travel schedule, but looking forward to the ladies.

chicken coop cleaning schedule 2Chickens are very susceptible to respiratory illnesses and cleaning a coop with harsh chemicals can cause problems. It can be helpful to set up a cleaning schedule and routine. HGTV Gardens offers tips for keeping a chicken coop clean on a daily, weekly and yearly basis. (chickens are not the sort of animals that demand an exact schedule of their caregivers) I do a thorough coop cleaning, and clean the goats area.

Tips and advice on cleaning out your Chicken Coop for health and hygiene. I’m going to shoot straight with you, friends. I don’t clean my chicken coop but 3 or 4 times a year. Tops. Simply ain’t no need.First, let me show you our coop, then I’ll explain a tried-and-true-all-natural-coop-cleaning regimen that will take you less than 30 minutes. Backyard chickens’ needs vary based on the seasons. Here are some tips including a printable schedule from Tilly’s Nest.

The All-natural Way To Clean And Refresh Your Chicken Coop

My coop cleaning doesn’t really happen on a strict schedule. Ammonia fumes can be dangerous to the chickens and cause eye and lung problems. A chicken coop only requires a thorough clean 2-4 times each year. The whole job shouldn’t take longer than a few hours and will be easier if you’re up to date with the monthly cleaning schedule. Keeping the environment around your animals, in this case chickens, neat and clean will go a long way toward keeping them healthy and looking in top form. The biggest thing to watch for though is how regularly you need to rake up the droppings on the coop floor. You don’t want the bedding to be saturated with waste, but again the cleaning schedule relies on how many chickens you’re caring for total, so a complete raking and bedding replacing could be needed only once a month or as often as every two days. That number depends on the total size of the coop. I wanted one with a pull out tray for easy cleaning and one that would hold more chickens than I was planning on starting with (you never know when you may want to add to the flock). It isn’t necessarily all about the chicken’s comfort, but yours as well. A happy owner keeps a comfy and clean coop, and happy chickens lay lots of eggs!. Many people get chickens thinking they are cute, easy to look after and do not require a great deal of maintenance. To give you an idea of coop cleaning, here is my schedule for an eight by twelve foot coop:.

Cleaning Your Chicken Coop

Expert Tips of general poultry care and chicken coop maintenance. Looking after chickens is not hard if you follow our Chicken Care Guide. You can gently rub them under warm water to clean them. Read on to learn a simple, easy Chicken care and maintenance schedule with important, easy-to-remember essentials to ensure a happy and healthy flock for many years to come!.