Chicken Coop Inside Designs (DIY Project Download)

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Our homesteading adventure began 4 years ago with 5 hens and an old shed-turned-chicken coop. We now have over 50 hens and we sell our extra eggs. The price of a poorly designed chicken coop be sick chickens, behavioral problems such as feather picking or egg-eating, losses to predators and overall frustration with what should be a fun and rewarding experience. Before you even dream about building the perfect chicken coop and populating it with a flock of feathered beauties, check the laws and regulations in your town for restrictions on types of livestock, limitations on number of animals, distance from property lines, etc. If you can stand inside the coop, you will know what can be done to make their home more healthful. How to Design Your Chicken Run; Rossier, J. 2002.

chicken coop inside designs 2I like that the interior walls are easily removed if needed and that they provide extra insulation and protection from the elements. I built our first chicken coop using recycled lumber and chicken wire (poultry mesh), and set it directly on the ground. Our first chicken coop was roomy and tall enough for a person to walk inside. We hope to have more information about this coop design upcoming. The internet is awash in plans for backyard chicken coops, which are a great place to look for inspiration, but all coops have two main components: an enclosed space for sleeping and laying eggs and an open air chicken run’ to roam around in during the day. The accepted minimum sizes are 2 to 3 square feet per bird inside the coop and 4 to 5 square feet per bird in the run.

Below are a few sources of chicken coop plans which we suggest that you take a look at if you want to do it right the first time around. So, how much space is sufficient for your chickens? As a general rule, try to keep a minimum of 3 square feet of space for every chicken you have inside the coop for them to sleep and move about in. Building a coop from ground up without referring to any designs or planned out dimensions will more than likely turn out to be a total disaster, which will cause you even more time and money than you would require in order to hunt down a good set of coop designs. The variety of chicken coop designs range from simple homemade structures that are built with simple chicken wire and a basic roof, to elaborate chicken coops that rival the size and complexities of a modern human home. Its interior divided levels provide more usable square footage. Chicken Coop design, we are spending less than one cent for cooling for every dollar spent on electricity, said David Dibble of Yahoo.

Chicken Coop Ideas And Pictures

chicken coop interior 3The photo above of the little red shed was the existing chicken coop and tiny outdoor run when we purchased our farmhouse. I’ve seen wonderful coop designs with chandeliers, curtains, painted walls, etc. I learned a lot, but don’t disregard painting the inside of your coop, if you live in the north (we are in Alaska, and have to light our chickens in the winter), white walls will make your coop look brighter! (and happier chickens:) ). The photo above of the little red shed was the existing chicken coop and tiny outdoor run when we purchased our farm house. Whether you want a portable house or a large coop as we have, make sure there is access to the indoor and outdoor areas. I’ve seen wonderful coop designs with chandeliers, curtains, painted walls, etc. Building a chicken coop takes time, at least some skills, and a lot of careful planning. For example, for indoor chickens, you should multiply the number of chickens by 2 to get the minimum square footage. Make sure to consider cleaning in your design. Our three and a half favorite coop ideas for the urban chicken farming gang. Since your article was posted concerning the use of the curtain motor inside a chicken coop, created one specifically for a chicken coop!!!!!. The Pullet-Shut Automatic Chicken Coop Door opens and closes automatically and is waterproof. The wooden Chick Inn sign is handmade and has versatile hanging options in the coop or inside your home.

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