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2983 chicken coop design submissions by the BackYard Chickens community. New Chicken Coop Plans Recently Edited Most Viewed. Popular Tags. How To Raise Chickens, Build chicken coops, Hatch baby chicks. Everything you need to know about raising rural or city chickens in your own backyard. After several years of pestering my wife to get backyard chickens, she finally relented this past fall. I would overtly send her photos of cool chicken coops hoping that one day she’d like one and magically say ‘yes’ to my request.

chicken coops backyard chickens 2Some backyard chicken farmers will argue they need more coop space. What chicken farmers know is that chickens like their space. Crowded chickens make unhappy chickens, and they can start pecking each other. Meat Chicken Breeds, What to Feed Chickens & Easy Chicken Coops to Build. Alameda’s urban chicken coops range from humble to huge and every year we invite the public to come take a closer look, learn a little about raising backyard chickens (and maybe bees and vegetable plots), and just bask in the glory of our avian friends.

When I bought my first house it only had a 20’x20′ backyard. The first thing I did was put in a small chicken coop with three hens, which is the perfect number for starting out. Chicken coops must provide shelter and protection for the birds. Backyard Chickens touts over 450 chicken coop designs coops submitted by other DIY poultry keepers. With certified organic chicken feed available, you can keep your chickens healthy while supporting sustainable farming. Taking into account only the cost of food but not coop materials or other one-time expenses, most backyard chicken-keepers estimate they pay about 3 per dozen for backyard eggs.

Ultimate Guide To Raising Backyard Chickens

We took a closer look at the pros and cons of chicken rearing to see if a family. Source: Flickr user sarah_mccansChickens have left the farm and are popping up in backyard coops across the country, from spacious suburban lawns to small urban gardens. It’s not like having a cat where you can put out an extra litter box and go away. Read on for the science behind what needs to go in your backyard chicken coop. Welcome to Yardbirds Backyard Chickens! We can help you with nearly anything and everything backyard-chicken-related. Need a coop and/or chickens? Four tips on raising backyard chickens in an urban environment. If building a chicken run and turning your backyard into a chicken coop sound daunting, just follow Annette and Joshua’s simple steps to raising your very own backyard chickens. Raising backyard chickens can be a rewarding experience and a great way to teach kids about nature, agriculture, and responsibility of caring for animals. A quality coop is essential to backyard chicken production. You no longer have to settle for a boring boxy coop for your backyard brood. Here are eleven coops that break the mold.

How To Raise Chickens In Your Backyard