Child Safety Locks For Sliding Glass Doors (DIY Project Download)

Due to the light structure of most sliding patio doors and their locks, entry can be gained by simply applying pressure to the lock and strike area by prying with a large screwdriver or pry bar. Keep your toddlers safe and inside the house even after they have mastered the regular lock. I am renting a new place and there is a sliding glass door to the patio that runs very smoothly so it is very easy for my 2 year old to open and Im sure my 1 year old will be figuring it out soon too! With this little one coming, Im worried that they might try to escape while i have my hands tied with the new baby, when i am nursing or anything else that takes my attention away from the older ones for a little. There are locks you can get for baby proofing sliding glass doors. Keep your small child from wandering outside with the Safety 1st Sliding Door Lock. This child safety lock is a must have for any home with sliding glass doors.

child safety locks for sliding glass doors 2Door Lock, 2 pk. Keep little ones out of bi-folding doors, and help prevent pinched fingers. Prevent opening of sliding patio doors with this ultra-secure lock. Cardinal Gates Patio Door Guardian Childproofing Lock, White 4. A sliding glass door, with its tantalizingly unobstructed view of the outdoors, beckons a newly mobile child — but often what’s on the other side of the door can be dangerous for toddlers. A variety of different locking solutions for sliding doors can prevent your child from easily getting the door open and getting into trouble or danger.

Safety 1st Stove Knob Covers Decor Door Lock (5-Pack). Model HS147. Dreambaby 6-Pack Silver Cabinet Sliding LocksDreambaby 6-Pack Silver Cabinet Sliding Locks. KidCo’s Door Knob Locks also help to prevent baby from getting into the bathroom while you are filling the bathtub.

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SAFESLIDER is a patio door lock that will prevent a sliding glass door from being LIFTED OUT from the track. SafeSlider wants you to know where to find the latest Child Safety Laws for Florida, as well as the rest of the USA. Safety latches and locks on cabinets and drawers can help prevent children from gaining access to medicines, household cleaners, matches, or cigarette lighters, as well as knives and other sharp objects. Sliding glass doors, with locks that must be re-secured after each use, are not an effective barrier to pools. Find great deals on eBay for Sliding Closet Door Lock in Baby Locks and Latches. The Sliding Closet Door Lock adhesive mounts on glass mirror wood and other surfaces where drilling is impractical. Keeping your baby safe when they begins to explore. Use locks on sliding glass doors to prevent your child from wandering outside. Consider installing alarm bars that sound when your child opens windows and sliding glass doors.

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